Audi A6 2023 Price in Pakistan, Specs & Features

The Audi A6 sedan of 2023 has an entirely novel user interface that resembles that of the A8 that will follow. You may find the 2023 Audi A6 Price in Pakistan here. It features an entirely new design and is furnished with SUV characteristics and sportier trimmings. Its sole output in the sedan is a 2.0 diesel engine with a four-cylinder petrol turbo and a six-cylinder diesel turbo. This new Audi A6 model uses hybrid technology and can travel 32 miles on battery power in addition to diesel. Audi released several models, such as the Audi A3, Audi A4, A6, Q3, and Audi e-Tron, but the official website of Audi Pakistan also lists further models, and you may order them for delivery to Pakistan by visiting their official showrooms.

Audi A6 2023

Audi A6 2023 Price in Pakistan

For a used Audi A6, the cost in Pakistan is between PKR 26,500,000 and PKR 26,500,000. The cost of an Audi A6 in Pakistan varies depending on the car’s model year, mileage, version, and general condition.

Varients Varients wise Qualities PRICES
Audi A3 1.2 TFSI Design Line 1197 cc, Automatic PKR 4,698,000
Audi A3 1.2 TFSI Standard 1197 cc, Automatic PKR 5,350,000
Audi A3 1.2 TFSI 1197 cc, Automatic PKR 5,400,000
Audi A3 1.2 TFSI Exclusive Line 1197 cc, Automatic PKR 6,050,000
Audi A4 1.4 TFSI 1395 cc, Automatic PKR 9,300,000
Audi A5 1.4 TFSI Sportback 1395 cc, Automatic PKR 8,375,000
Audi A6 1.8 TFSI Business Class Edition 1798 cc, Automatic PKR 9,360,000
Audi A7 3.0 TFSI Quattro 2994 cc, Automatic PKR 18,500,000
Audi A8 3.0 TFSI Quattro 2994 cc, Automatic PKR 22,500,000
Audi Q2 1.0 TFSI Standard Line 999 cc, Automatic PKR 7,250,000
Audi Q3 2.0 TFSI Quattro 1984 cc, Automatic PKR 13,000,000
Audi Q5 2.0 TFSI S Tronic Quattro 1984 cc, Automatic PKR 27,000,000
Audi Q7 3.0 TFSI 2994 cc, Automatic PKR 43,000,000

Exterior of Audi A6 2023 

Exterior of Audi A6 2023 

The Single frame grille on the new 2023 Audi A6 lends the frontal fascia a broader stance and is etched with dominating Audi rings. Shoulder lines travel from the front to the back and meet at the short trunk lid’s curving edge. The muscular posture of its roof and the HD Matrix LED headlights with daytime running lights combine beauty and aggression. LED taillights with dynamic animation are prominent on the back end, and the carefully planned pattern of lights is equally appealing. Finally, the 18-inch alloy wheels give this stunning sedan its athletic finish.

Interior of Audi A6 2023

Interior of Audi A6 2023

Once inside the Audi A6 2023, you’ll experience the height of luxury. You will find aesthetically pleasing materials inside the interior, and the superb leather upholstery is designed with contrast stitching and a salsa red color scheme to give off an upscale vibe. The center panels of the front seats feature a lovely diamond pattern, while the door trimmings are painted black. The front seats also have embossed side bolsters and backrests. The dashboard, the steering wheel, and the floor mats are all black, except the red inlays. Five adults may fit comfortably in the cabin, which has adequate space and ambient lighting to make the space brighter. To expand the boot space, the back seats can be folded. The front windows and windscreen of the cabin are reinforced and soundproofed, preventing outside noise from disturbing the occupants.

The 4th generation Audi A6 features 10.1-inch portable tablets with a fully integrated infotainment system for the back passengers’ amusement (international variants only). The infotainment system supports both Apple Car play and Android Auto. To help the drivers, the instrument cluster includes navigation and a head-up display, and the climate control feature increases interior comfort. The passengers may listen to their favorite songs with optimum sound quality thanks to the Bang and Olufsen audio system.

Audi in Pakistan

The Volkswagen Group, one of the top automakers in the world, includes Audi in its membership. It is one of the three most well-known German automakers and focuses on making luxury cars. Nine plants throughout the world make Audi vehicles. In 2020, Audi is anticipated to produce more than 1.6 million automobiles.

Audi and Premier Systems joined together in 2006 to formally enter the Pakistani market. According to rumors, Audi plans to invest $30 million in domestic vehicle production in 2016. Audi currently offers its whole line of vehicles in Pakistan as CBUs.

Audi A6 Car Dimensions

These are the dimensions of the 2023Audi A6. The Audi A6 measures 4930 mm in length, 1875 mm in width, 1455 mm in height, and 2910 mm in wheelbase. You can readily understand the size of the Audi A6 by understanding the A6 dimensions.

Dimensions in mm
Length 4930 mm
Width 1875 mm
Height 1455 mm
Wheelbase 2910 mm
Lb ft 1850 KG
Clearance from the ground 114 mm

Audi A6 Features

  • Electronic Differential Lock, Traction Control, and Cruise Control
  • MMI radio for satellite navigation and MMI control panel
  • Display in color
  • Audi music interface with connectivity for USB storage devices
  • Tachometer
  • Airbags SRS Front and rear cameras for all seats
  • Sensors for Parking
  • Electronic Stabilization Program, Front and Rear Screen Automatic Wiper, Headlight Washer (ESP)
  • Direct Tire Pressure Monitoring System for Power Steering
  • System of Anti-lock Brakes
  • Electronic Differential Lock, Traction Control, and Cruise Control


Price PKR 265.0 lacs
Body Type Sedan
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 4939 x 2110 x 1457 mm
Ground Clearance 0 mm
Displacement 2000 cc
Transmission Automatic
Horse Power 245 – 261 hp
Torque 370 Nm
Boot Space 530 L
Kerb Weight 1705 – 2345 KG
Fuel Type Petrol
Mileage 12 – 16 KM/L
Fuel Tank Capacity 63 – 87 L
Seating Capacity 5 – Persons
Top Speed 250 KM/H
Tyre Size 245/45/19

Imposing Appearance with Powerful Impression

The near-daylight illumination of the road is provided by LED headlights thanks to their high level of power and innovation. The three-dimensional Audi Single frame design, on the other hand, guarantees a stunning appearance in every lighting situation. It is sufficiently flat and wide at the same time. The car’s dynamism is also enhanced by the horizontal chrome struts. The 20-inch aluminum wheels stand out sharply against the grey.

2023 Audi A6 Engine

With a 240 kW (326 horsepower) output and 650 Nm of torque, the Audi A6 3.0 TDI rival releases its potent throughput. It efficiently accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.9 seconds. Additionally, electricity is given by increasing its power output to 255 kW throughout the boasting process (346 bhp).

Even among competitors for the 2023 Audi A6 3.0 TDI, the athletic style is constant. Sports seats with inlays of aluminum/black Beaufort wood, lunar silver or black Valona leather, and S-line embossing.

2023 Audi A6 Ride & Handling

The Audi A6 2023 mixes a sedan’s comfort with a sports car’s performance. Traction control and stability control are included in the opulent sedan for a comfortable ride. In less than 6 seconds, the sports car can reach a speed of 100 km/h.

A safe and comfortable ride is provided by the Quattro with ultra technology, which regulates the vehicle’s traction and maintains ride efficiency. A lower ride height and sport suspension is included in the Black Optic Sport Package for the Audi A6, which improves handling.

Safety features of the Audi A6 

A luxurious mid-size sedan with all the essentials for a great ride is the Audi A6 Saloon. Additionally, the ABS brakes function effectively and efficiently to deliver superior service in heavy traffic.

  • alternator or 12- or 48-volt starter with electronic stability control
  • In 4.8 seconds, you can go from 0 to 60 mph.
  • Traction control with brake assistance
  • The system of automatic emergency braking
  • Airbags 6 (Driver, Front Passenger, 2 Curtain, Driver Side, Front Passenger Side)
  • All automobiles are equipped with disc brakes, which make controlling a vehicle much easier than brakes made of fiber or asbestos.


Compared to Premium Plus, Audi A6 Technology has more standard equipment. It costs $100183, or about 18,618,009 Pakistani rupees, which is a price that most people can afford. It is a pricey package with a lot of features and important characteristics.

The Premium Plus package’s engine was likewise replaced in 1984 and both packages’ ARAI mileage ratings are 14.11kmpl and In-Line Petrol engines, respectively. It has the same maximum power and torque as the Premium Plus package.

Performance & Drive

The 2023 Audi A6’s extremely effective V8 engine includes Quattro permanent all-wheel drive, which ensures enjoyable driving in all types of road conditions. When a wheel loses traction on slick roads, the center differential redistributes the torque to the other axles. This increases stability and traction, giving you a safe and enjoyable drive. Its exceptional acceleration power allows it to reach 100 kilometers per hour in 4.4 seconds even when traveling on flat ground. The Audi A6’s suspension system has been carefully engineered so that it can absorb shocks and uneven roads, giving you a soft ride with no discernible jolts felt through its well-made chassis.

Of cars in this class, the handling is already excellent. The steering reaction is likewise accurate, and the 2023 Audi A6 has a distinctly sporty feel thanks to its reasonably practical and easily weighted steering wheel. The transmission is well-balanced, so the power to the front and rear wheels are accurately delivered through a seven or eight-speed dual-automatic clutch, allowing you to enjoy a joyful driving experience. The Audi A6 gets average mpg on daily commutes, making it a costly car to own, but the social elite that can buy an Audi doesn’t care about fuel economy.

Audi Competitors

The BMW 5 Series, Mercedes E-Class, Jaguar XF and Jaguar XJ, Toyota Crown, Hyundai Sonata, and Honda Accord are the major rivals of the fifth-generation Audi A6.

Final words

Not only is the Audi A6 2023 Saloon the mid-size sedan on the list. There are, however, some further Audi A6 variations. Audi A6 Premium 45 TFSI Quattro, Audi A6 Premium 55 TFSI Quattro, Audi A6 Premium Plus 45 TFSI Quattro, and others are some of its versions. Keep the Audi A6 car as tidy as a new pin to lessen the harm long journeys do to it. Additionally, keeping your car clean will make you happier all day long or make your day brighter. We sincerely hope you will appreciate our outstanding analysis of the Audi A6 Saloon Price in Pakistan 2023.

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