Sunra Electric Bike Price In Pakistan 2023

These days, electric bikes are all the craze. Here you can find the Sunra Electric Bike Price In Pakistan 2023. In different places, people use electric bikes. Now, companies in Pakistan are also making electric bikes. These bikes are great for everyday use because they don’t need fuel. These bikes don’t use any fuel, and they don’t make any waste either. When people find out what these bikes can do, they are sure to get a great name for themselves.This company’s electric bike is now available in Pakistan.

There are different parts and features on each of these bikes. The graphics on this bike are completely different from the graphics on other types of bikes that are used in Pakistan. With this bike, the company has tried to help the people of Pakistan. It’s a step toward a cleaner world, which is why people are getting these bikes now.

Sunra Electric Bike 2023 Hamari Wheels


Sunra Electric Bike Price In Pakistan 2023

Every year, this business comes out with new types of bikes and re-releases a previous model with some new features. When they add more features, the prices will have to go up, of course.

So, the latest bike, the Sunra, has just come out with new features and is now on sale for PKR 139,888. On the other hand, this is an electric bike that can be charged, so that’s the most important thing about it. You can do a lot of KM after a single charge. People in Pakistan can find out the price of a Jolta electric bike.


Price In Pakistan

Sunra Electric Bike

139,888 PKR

Pros And Cons

  • Good for the environment
  • Low Running Cost
  • Low Maintenance
  • Gearless
  • Smoke-free
  • Noise-Free
  • Battery Warranty for 6 Months
  • Limited Range
  • A full charge takes 6–8 hours, and a quick charge takes about 4 hours.
  • Availability: Not all models or colours may be offered in all places.

Colours Of Sunra Electric Scooter

The Sunra Electric Bike comes in 4 colors, including red, white, black, blue, and gray.

Features Of Sunra Electric Bike

The Sunra Electric Bike has a lot of great features that make it a great way to get around town every day. Here are some of the things it has to offer:

Low Maintenance The Sunra Electric Bike is made so that it doesn’t need plenty repair, so it doesn’t need to be fixed or serviced as often.
Gearless Design The Sunra Electric Bike makes going smooth and easy because it doesn’t have gears.
Environmentally Friendly As an electric bike, the Sunra Electric Bike has no emissions, which helps make the world cleaner and greener.
Silent Operation The Sunra Electric Bike’s electric motor runs quietly, so you can ride it in peace and comfort.As an electric bike, the Sunra Electric Bike has no emissions, which helps make the world cleaner and greener.
Clutch-Free The Sunra Electric Bike doesn’t need a clutch, which makes it easy for riders of all types to use.
6 Months Battery Warranty The 6-month guarantee on the battery of the Sunra Electric Bike gives riders peace of mind.
Sturdy Steel Frame The Sunra Electric Bike is made with a strong steel frame, so it will last and work well for a long time.
Alloy Rims The alloy rims not only enhance the bike’s appearance but also provide stability and strength.
Hydraulic Shock Absorbers With hydraulic shocks, the Sunra Electric Bike ensures a smooth and comfortable ride, even on uneven roads.
Keyless Start The keyless start feature of the Sunra Electric Bike offers convenience and ease of use.
Eco-Friendly Being an electric bike, the Sunra Electric Bike actively contributes to reducing carbon emissions and promoting a cleaner environment.
Cost-Effective Since the Sunra Electric Bike runs on electricity instead of petrol, it costs less to run than standard bikes that run on petrol.
User-Friendly The Sunra Electric Bike features a design that is easy to ride, catering to riders of all ages.
Anti-Theft System Equipped with an anti-theft system, the Sunra Electric Bike ensures the safety and security of the rider’s investment.
Optional Cruise Control Some versions of the Sunra Electric Bike can be bought with an extra feature called “cruise control,” which makes long rides easier.
LED Lights Some types of the Sunra Electric Bike can be bought with LED lights that make it easier to see at night.

Sunra Electric Bike 2023 Hamari Wheels

Yamaha Mt 15 Price In Pakistan 2023 Specs Features & Top Speed


Specification Value
Motor Power 800W BOSCH Motor
Motor Voltage 60V
Max Speed 45 km/h
Battery Types Lithium Battery
Battery Charging Time Full charge takes 6–8 hours, and a quick charge takes 4 hours.
Max Loading Capacity 2 people plus 150 kg of goods.

With these features, the Sunra Electric Bike is a great choice for people who want a cheap and environmentally friendly way to get around.

This bike has a great average battery consumption because it can go 60 km on a single charge. It takes about 4 hours to charge and uses about 1.5 units of energy. Now, you can buy this bike in Pakistan. Cost of a Sunra electric bike In Pakistan, 2023 is high because this bike is new to the country. As more bikes start to compete with it, the price of this bike will start to go down. This bike is great for people who have to go to work every day in the city because it can be charged quickly at home or at the office.


In Pakistan, it wasn’t easy to get a Sunra electric motorbike, and there wasn’t much information about how much they cost. Pakistan also needed more eco-friendly ways to get around, and electric bikes were becoming more and more popular around the world. Also, the government has passed rules to encourage people all over the country to drive electric cars.

Electric bikes were available and cost different amounts in Pakistan because of things like import tariffs, taxes, and the cost of getting them there.And the price of sunra electric bike in pakistan 2023 already mentioned.To make a smart buy, you should still look into the different brands and types of electric bikes in Pakistan and compare them.


How much does an electric Sunra bike cost in Pakistan?

The price of this bike is estimated to be 139,888 Pakistani rupees.

What kinds of things does a Sunra electric bike have?

  • Positioning the motor.
  • Help from pedal power.
  • Range and how cells are charged.

How many types of electric bikes are there?

  • Bicycles with an electric motor in the hub.
  • Engine that is driven from the middle.

What’s a bad thing about electric bikes?

There’s a chance that electric bikes will cost more than regular bikes. Most of the time, e-bikes cost more to buy and keep up than standard bikes. For example, you might need to change the batteries after a while. But if you don’t have to pay to keep a regular car or truck in good shape, this can be a small price to pay.

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