Best Cars For Middle Class Family in Pakistan 2023

A Middle class Family might want to have a Car that is in spending plan as well as it would likewise be the eco-friendly. Here I am organizing a rundown of the Best Cars For Middle Class Family in Pakistan. Working class families ordinarily have a vehicle going between 7 to 10 lac. In the event that you are likewise looking for purchase a low spending plan vehicle for example between 7 to 10 lac, then read out this article. Here you will get a rundown of the best vehicles for working class individual in Pakistan.

There are so many locally and imported fabricated vehicles are currently accessible in Pakistan which one can undoubtedly purchase. Having even a little vehicle has turned into a need of nowadays. So in this manner just low financial plan vehicles will be much viable for a working class individual whose pay is between 50 to 70 thousands. Just read on beneath to the rundown which is plan by after under taking the center and upper working class rang for purchasing a vehicle.

Best Cars For Middle Class Family

In the event that you will purchase a vehicle, reasonableness as far as cost and support is on need. In Pakistan, where working class makes a large portion of the populace, individuals search for vehicles that, alongside satisfying their requirements, are kind with the pockets as well. The typical pay workers in Pakistan are probably going to spend up to 10 lacs for buying another modest vehicle, and car producers take care of this predetermined interest group since we see various sensibly estimated vehicles running on the streets.

We have thought of a rundown of 5 best reasonable vehicles in Pakistan, falling inside the 10 lacs range.

Suzuki Mehran

Cars For Middle Class Family

The most elevated selling vehicle in Pakistan, Suzuki Mehran is the main decision for larger part of the clients for more than 10 years at this point. This low financial plan vehicle is best as far as solidness while running on lopsided streets. Likewise, it is exceptionally savvy concerning fuel utilization and accessibility of extra parts.

Mehran is easiest by configuration, yet gives better mileage (18 KM on expressways and 16 KM in urban areas) and better resale to the proprietor. The outside of Suzuki Mehran 2016 model has been adjusted with the expansion of sun rooftop. The four variations of Suzuki Mehran having 796cc OHC motors are accessible at following costs in six unique tones. Suzuki Mehran is a best Cars For Middle Class Family in Pakistan.

  • Mehran VX: Rs. 625,000
  • Mehran VX CNG: Rs. 695,000
  • Mehran VXR: Rs. 678,000
  • Mehran VXR CNG: Rs. 748,000

Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla is a tiny automobile that is the best-selling model worldwide. It’s a good family vehicle at a reasonable price. It is frequently used because of its excellent characteristics and comfort. When it comes to family cars, the Toyota Corolla is regarded for its durability, comfort, safety, and dependability. It’s a large automobile with a large trunk, so it can hold a lot of goods. It’s also cost-effective to maintain. Spares are readily available in the area.

Toyota Corolla is a best Cars For Middle Class Family in Pakistan.

Suzuki Cultus

Suzuki Cultus

Suzuki Cultus has received widespread praise in the Pakistani vehicle market for offering more features for the price. This 993cc hatchback automobile is priced at Rs. 10, 34, 000/-. It has many features and specs, such as a 40-liter gasoline tank and a mileage of 18 to 20 kilometres per litre. It is available in six distinct tints and colours, and the price range varies depending on the colour. This concludes our discussion on the Best Cars For Middle-Class People in Pakistan.

Honda City

Honda City

Honda City is another well-known market option and an excellent family vehicle. It provides a pleasant travelling experience with cutting-edge features. It’s also a large automobile with a large trunk for storage. It is fuel-efficient and provides good mileage. It is also reasonably priced, and its maintenance is inexpensive. It’s a fantastic asset on which you may rely.

Daihatsu Cuore

Cars For Middle Class Family

Toyota has built a compact yet functional vehicle. The Daihatsu course can be purchased for Rs. 7,500,000/-. It is a compact hatchback front engine automobile with an 847cc, three-cylinder, five-speed manual transmission. There are several hues available, including red, lemon green, and blue, which you can purchase based on your preferences.

Hyundai Santro Club

Hyundai Santro Club

This is an entry-level luxury car with a 1086cc engine and a fuel mileage of 12 to 14 km/l. This is an ideal vehicle for a compact middle-class household. This can is priced at Rs. 675, 000/-. This car has many advantages, including 5 passenger seating capacity, compact size, absorbable wheel shocks, and maximum turning radius, making it ideal for narrow highways and streets. Furthermore, its spare parts are widely available in any car market.

Suzuki Alto

Suzuki Alto

Suzuki Alto has been one of the most searched cars in Pakistan. Some of the characteristics of the car include its high level performance, safety, and comfort appeal to buyers.

The inside and exterior of the 2016 edition of this car are wiser; with this development, it is without a doubt the best combination of innovative and safe technology at a price tag of less than a million dollars. The new 2016 Suzuki Alto is priced around PKR 700,000 and has a mileage capability of 37 kilometres per litre. Suzuki Alto is a best Cars For Middle Class Family in Pakistan.

Daihatsu Mira

Cars For Middle Class Family

The Daihatsu Mira is a well-known family vehicle. It offers adequate size and exceptional characteristics. It is reasonably priced and provides a pleasurable driving experience. It comes in a variety of hues.

KIA Sportage

KIA Sportage

The KIA Sportage is a new SUV car on the market, but it quickly became popular in Pakistan due to its modern features, comfort, and size. It’s also an excellent family vehicle, especially on lengthy journeys. It provides you with comfort and luxury. The 2000CC engine provides enough power to accelerate on tough routes. It has a highly nice exterior and interior.

Suzuki Wagon R

Suzuki Wagon R

Suzuki Wagon R is another popular Suzuki family vehicle. It’s not a new automobile on the market, but it’s become very popular since its release because it’s a spacious car for an ordinary family at a fairly reasonable price. Because spare components are readily available, it is simple to maintain. It is useful not only in congested areas, but also on lengthy and winding highways.

The Advantages of Having the Best Family Car

health and emergencies

In the circumstance of crises, you can undoubtedly get abundance clinical consideration for you as well as your loved ones.

These days, we are confronting a pandemic of Coronavirus. We want to follow new wellbeing monitors. By having your family vehicle, you can without much of a stretch keep up with social removing. Taking neighborhood transport, you can seriously endanger yourself of getting contaminated.


At the point when you depend on nearby vehicle, there is generally a possibility missing a transport and getting late for your objective, which can upset your whole timetable and can be unpleasant.

Claiming a family vehicle can save you from this pressure. You can drop your children at school on time and after that and you can arrive at your working environment without getting late, which not just gives you freedom and a feverish free day.


Security is likewise one advantage of claiming a family vehicle. You can stay away from the surge of public vehicle and you can keep your stuff on it without agonizing over being taken.

You likewise don’t need to share your space and go about your responsibilities in it with no aggravation.


At the point when you are going with your family, your interests about their security turns into a need, and going on a neighborhood transport with your family is putting their wellbeing.

On the off chance that you are a phenomenal driver and realize all the traffic rules, you and your family are a lot more secure in your family vehicle than in a transport or taxi.

Save time

Our lives are getting more occupied step by step. Assuming you are going on open vehicle, you o sit around.

Deal with undesirable issues and having your family vehicle can assume a fundamental part in keeping up with your everyday timetable. You can take a short and less jam-packed course for going to the everyday schedule, which can save your time and furthermore you can keep away from pointless changes in your day to day plan.

Bountiful capacity

When your family is involved, you really want a lot of capacity while voyaging. Whether it’s a space for school sacks, sports packs, garments, shoes, or staple things. Which public vehicle can’t give without wellbeing.

Having a family vehicle can give you more than adequate capacity in all periods of your family development

Post Entertainment

On lengthy outings, your children should be engage. You really want numerous choices to make them occupied while voyaging. Having highlights of Wi-Fi in your family vehicle with an implicit touch screen can take care of numerous issues. Which engages you, yet additionally makes your excursion critical.

Go on joy outings

In the event that you are a voyager, having your family vehicle can give you more opportunity to take long courses, alone and with your family with no distress with public vehicle. You can remain any place or at whatever point you need. You can investigate new regions, which can give you more openness.

Works with many Tasks

Having your family vehicle can profit from doing many errands without stressing over your bustling daily practice or the weather pattern. You can go to the staple, visit a companion or take your children to the recreation area.

A Guide for purchasing your best family vehicle in Pakistan

With the rising number of brands and models, settling on a vehicle that matches your spending plan and needs is troublesome in Pakistan.

On the lookout, new vehicles are accessible and imported utilized vehicles from Japan are likewise accessible, which can provide you with many assortment in the particular and cost wise. Prior to purchasing a decent family vehicle, you want to know a couple of things. The following are the subtleties.


For purchasing a decent family vehicle, spending plan is a vital variable. Fortunately, in the auto market of Pakistan, cost wise numerous choices are accessible, which are beginning from 1,000,000 to twenty million rupees. So you can get a decent family vehicle at a truly sensible cost with a lot of elements.

Utilized or new?

There is a huge assortment of new and utilize vehicles accessible on the lookout. Be that as it may, every one enjoys its benefits and disservices with the privately made vehicle. You can get a guarantee period and you can have the option to handily get its extra parts. Imported vehicles accompany heaps of new elements, however once in a while it’s challenging to get their extra parts or they are pricey.

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