FAW V2 2023 Car Price in Pakistan Specification Features And Reviews

If you want a small car that can handle the crowded roads of Pakistan, the FAW V2  hatchback would be the best choice. Here you can find the FAW V2 Price in Pakistan for 2023. The FAW V2 2023 made in China is being shown in Pakistan by Al-Haj FAW Motors. Here, we’ll talk in depth about this car. Faw Motor is a famous and well-known car company. Faw is a well-known car brand in Pakistan right now. The FAW V2 Car 2023 model was recently shown in Pakistan by Faw Motors. Most people are looking for FAW V2 Car 2023 Price Specifications Interior in Pakistan.

In Pakistan, this FAW V2 Car 2023 is a hatchback car. In 2018, the Faw company brought this car to Pakistan. Now, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the FAW V2 Car 2023 Specification Interior and show you the newest pictures.When the FAW V2 car came out in Pakistan in 2016, a lot of people bought it. Also, this vehicle is no longer being made in Pakistan. There are only used cars for sale in Pakistan. On the other hand, an estimate of how much this car will cost is available, and if the Alhaj company brings it back to Pakistan, we’ll let everyone know.

Faw V2 2023 Hamariwheels

FAW V2 2023 Price In Pakistan

A used FAW V2 charge anywhere from PKR 1,609,000 to PKR 1,609,000 in Pakistan. The prices of FAW V2 in Pakistan depend on the model year, the number of miles traveled, the type of car, and how good it is overall.

Variants Price Of FAW V2


1298 cc, Manual, Fuel

PKR 1,609,000


Al Haj FAW Motors put the first generation of the FAW V2 2021 on the market in 2014. The 1st generation FAW V2 car is a hatchback with a front-mounted engine and front-wheel drive. It comes in one model, the V2 VCT-i, and has been made in Pakistan since 2014. The price of the FAW V2 car in Pakistan is listed at the top of this page. It is compared to the prices of other cars in the same class that are sold in Pakistan.

Since 2014, the V2 2023 has been made in Pakistan. When compared to other cars in the same class on the local market, the price of the V2 is pretty good.

FAW V2 is well-liked on the market because it uses little gas, has good torque, and is easy to drive. It beats the Suzuki Swift and the Toyota Vitz. It has a VCT-I engine with 4 cylinders and 1.3 litres that gives it 90 horsepower. The car also has a 5-speed manual transmission. This hatchback China-clone car with automatic transmission has not been changed by the company yet. But soon, you will also be able to get it this way. The price range for this cheap but luxurious car is very reasonable.

Interior Of FAW V2 2023

FAW V2 2023 interior Hamariwheels

Even though it was made in China, the inside is much better than cars like the Swift or Vitz, which were made in India. standard-size seats that are made of washable leatherette and come in two colours. digital speedometer on the dashboard, along with cup holders and window controls in the centre console. It has an analogue, a climate control, and a CD player on the centre control panel. It also comes with airbags for both of the front seats already built into the steering.

The FAW V2 2023 has plastic trim pieces that are light grey and silver. Both the front and back seats are made of cloth. Power windows, power steering, a 2-speaker stereo system, power lock doors, air conditioning, and a tachometer are all standard features. The FAW V2 2023 has a decent amount of space in the front and back for a hatchback with its exterior dimensions. It also has a good level of comfort, but the plastics and controls inside aren’t as well made or finished as they could be.

Exterior Of FAW V2 2023

FAW V2 2023 Exterior Hamariwheels

The outside of the FAW V2 2023 is designed in a way that makes it stand out, especially for a hatchback. Upswept trapezoidal headlights, a grille with four air intakes and a chrome FAW logo in the middle, angular dual air intakes, and standard angular rectangular dual fog lights make up the front end. The back has LED taillights in the shape of a trapezoid that sweep to the side, a brake light on the roof spoiler, and a big bumper that sticks out to the back. The FAW V2 2023 has a unique design language on the outside that makes it stand out from other cars in the same class, especially its Japanese competitors.

This car has a front-mounted engine and drives on the front wheels. Even though China makes cars, the quality and finish are great. It has low character lines that make it look bigger and wider. The corpse is It helps with hatchback technology that lets you open the back doors to put things in them. The front bumper is the same color as the car, and the headlights are longer and have turn signals built into them. Also, the fog lights are built into the front bumper. On the back of the car, there are high-mounted brake lights on the spoiler. The back bumper has red fog lights and tail lights that are all in one.

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons

  • The inside is big.
  • The ride is nice.

  • Ride quality is decent

  • Poor building quality on the inside
  • Average fuel economy

  • Resale value os poor


V2 comes in seven different colours: Diamond White, Full Moon Silver, Grey Metallic, Metallic Red, Midnight Blue, Pearl Black, and Sunshine Gold.

  • Diamond White
  • Full Moon Silver
  • Grey Metallic
  • Metallic Red
  • Midnight Blue
  • Pearl Black
  • Sunshine Gold

FAW V2 2023 Features

There Are Some Features Of V2  2023

  • 13″ Alloy Wheels
  • Windows with electric power
  • Power Steering
  • Panel of the Barrel Type
  • Large Space in the Trunk
  • LED Turn Signal
  • Brake lights that are up high
  • Mirrors on the outside with signals
  • Dual Air Bags
  • Bosch ABS + EBD Brakes
  • Door Crash Beam Built-In
  • Body Cage That Is Very Stiff



Exterior Dimensions 3741x1475x1870 (12.27×4.84×6.13)
Wheelbase  2450 mm
Treads (F/R)  1280/1280 mm
Ground Clearance 155 mm
Angles  27/28
Seating Capacity 6  to 8


Clutch Single Plate, Diaphragm Spring
Minimum Turning Radius (m) 4.5
Steering Rack & Pinion
Brake System Disc (F), Drum (R )
Drivetrain 4×2 MR
Suspension System Front Coil Spring
Suspension System Rear Leaf Spring
Tyre 165/70R13


Fuel Tank (Liters) 37
Maximum Speed (km/h) 110


Engine Model DA465QA
Cylinders L4, OHC EFI
Bore x Stroke (mm x mm) 65.5×72
Displacement (cc) 970
Compression Ratio 10.0:1
Max Power PS/rpm 60/5200
Max Torque Nm/rpm 84/3000-3500


Curb Vehicle Weight (kg) 985
Gross Vehicle Weight (kg) 1585



The FAW V2 2023 is an impressive car that has a comfortable ride, good gas mileage, and a number of other features that make it a great choice for people in Pakistan who want a reliable, affordable car. The FAW V2 2023 is sure to get a lot of attention on the Pakistani market because of how modern it looks, how its features have been updated, and how it is priced. It also has strong safety features and gets good reviews from customers, making it a great choice for drivers who want a practical and reliable car. Overall, the FAW V2 2023 is a great choice for anyone who wants a high-quality car at a price they can afford.


What is the price of FAW V2 2023 in Pakistan?

The price of FAW V2 2023 in Pakistan varies depending on the variant and region. The starting price for the basic variant is around PKR 1.7 million.

What are the safety features of FAW V2? 

The FAW V2 2023 comes with a range of safety features including airbags, anti-lock braking system (ABS), electronic brakeforce distribution (EBD), and a reinforced body structure for increased safety.

What is the fuel average of FAW V2?

The FAW V2 2023 has an efficient fuel consumption rate of approximately 13-14 km per liter, making it a cost-effective option for daily use.

What are the available colors for FAW V2?

The FAW V2 2023 is available in a range of colors including Red, White, Grey, Silver, and Black.

What are the notable features of FAW V2?

The FAW V2 2023 comes with various features such as power steering, power windows, central locking, touchscreen infotainment system, rearview camera, and parking sensors, making it a well-equipped and user-friendly vehicle.

How is the customer feedback for FAW V2 in Pakistan?

The FAW V2 2023 has received positive customer reviews for its reliability, performance, and affordability, making it a popular choice among Pakistani drivers.

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