Indian Scout Bobber Price – Mileage and Colours

On the road, a red 2023 Indian Scout Bobber is cruising. Indian Motorbike. Ruby Smoke 2023 Indian Scout Bobber out for a ride
Indian Motorcycle brings a rollover, retro-tastic Bobber model from its Scout family into MY2023. This bike uses design elements from a long time ago, like old-school custom culture and a nod to the old rigid rear-end frames with its own rear-end geometry, to show that it has a deep history. The V-Twin engine has the look of an old mill, but it uses modern technology, is liquid-cooled, and puts out a lot of power.

The name “Scout” was first used from 1920 to 1949. At that time, it was given to one of the most popular Indian models. The base Scout model was brought back as a cruiser in 2015, and since then, a number of different versions have come out. One of these is the Big Bobber, which is different from the Scout Bobber Sixty, which has a smaller engine.

Indian Scout Bobber Price

In India, the Indian Scout Bobber costs between Rs. 17,16,854 and Rs. 17,36,544. There are six different kinds of Indian Scout Bobber, like Indian Scout Bobber Black Metallic and Indian Scout Bobber Black Smoke. The most expensive model is the Indian Scout Bobber Alumina Jade Smoke, which costs Rs. 17,36,544.

Model  Price
Indian Scout Bobber $12,249 USD / $15,499

Concerning Scout Bobber

Indian Scout Bobber

The Scout Bobber is based on the regular Scout, and it looks like the bobber motorcycles from the 1950s. But the Scout Bobber has a dark look all over. The exhaust, wheels, and frame are all matte black, and the engine has a chrome outline. It also has a more aggressive riding position because the handlebar and foot pegs have been changed.

The brake light in the middle of the car has been replaced with two LED tail lights, one on each side of the fenders. The Scout Bobber’s fenders have been cut off, which shows off the bike’s big tyres. For a classic bobber look, the bike has cartridge-style front forks and a dual-spring setup at the back that has been lowered by an inch. Both ends of the bike have single 298mm discs that work as brakes.

The Indian Scout Bobber has the same 1133cc V-twin engine as the standard Scout. This engine is cooled by liquid. This unit has a six-speed gearbox and a final chain drive. It makes 100bhp and 97Nm of torque.

Indian Motorcycles also sells a variety of add-ons for the Scout Bobber, such as a passenger backrest, slip-on exhaust, saddlebags, spoke wheels, engine guards, bar-end mirrors, and ape-style handlebars. The bike comes in black and red-black, silver-black, and bronze-black two-tone paint schemes.

The bike costs Rs. 12,99,900 (ex-showroom) and competes in the Indian market with the Harley-Davidson Roadster and the Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber.

What We Like
  • Has a strong presence on the road
  • Feels easy and quick to move in traffic.
  • Because the mid-range torque is strong, passing is easy.
What We Don't Like
  • At higher RPMs, there are strong vibrations
  • The rear suspension is easy to bottom out because it has less travel.
  • Low-hanging foot pegs make it harder to turn corners.

The latest news about Indian Scout Bobber

Indian Motorcycles has shown off its lineup for 2021. It has two new models: the Roadmaster Limited and the Vintage Dark Horse. Also, touring models get new tech features, accessories, and a more comfortable seat. More details here.

Indian Motorcycle is giving discounts on the BS4 Scout Bobber that add up to Rs 4,29,709. The price of the bike on the road is now Rs 11,43,874. Here, you can learn about discounts for other Indian motorcycles.

The price of the new Indian Scout Bobber is Rs 13,95 lakh (ex-showroom). After the standard Scout and the Scout Sixty, the new bike is the third model in the Scout line. In India, the bike will be up against the Triumph Bonneville Bobber and the Moto-Guzzi V9 Bobber.

In the traditional bobber style, the new motorcycle has a chopped front fender and rear mudguard, as well as wider tyres, to give it a more stripped-down look. The headlight cover is also different, and most of the parts have been blacked out to give the Indian Scout Bobber a tough look. The new bike also has a redesigned single saddle, a badge on the tank, and mirrors on the ends of the handlebars.

To give it a better stance, the rear suspension travel has been lowered by 45 mm, and the front telescopic forks now have new cartridges.

The engine in the new bike is the same as the one in the Indian Scout. At 6,000rpm, the 1,113cc V-twin engine produces 100PS of power and 98Nm of maximum torque.

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Indian Scout Bobber Specification

Engine 1133cc, Liquid Cooled V-Twin (60 degrees)
Engine Power 100 HP
Bore x Stroke 3.898 in x 2.898 in (99 mm x 73.6 mm)
Compression Ratio 10.7:1
Fuel System Closed Loop Fuel Injection / 60 mm Bore
Starter Electric
Exhaust Split Dual Exhaust w/ Cross-over
Clutch Wet, Multi-Plate
Transmission 6 Speed
Final Drive 2.357 : 1
Suspension Front 41mm, Telescopic Fork
Suspension Rear Dual Shocks
Brakes Front Single / 298 mm Rotor / 2 Piston Caliper
Brakes Rear Single / 298 mm Rotor / 1 Piston Caliper
Tires Front Pirelli MT60RS 130/90B16 67H
Tires Rear
Pirelli MT60RS 150/80B16 77H
Fuel Tank Capacity 3.3 gal (12.5 L)
Color / Graphics Black Metallic, Black Metallic ABS, Silver Quartz Smoke ABS, Stealth Gray ABS, Spirit Blue Metallic ABS
Headlight LED Headlamp
Tail Light LED Taillight

How the Indian Scout Bobber performs and what it can do in 2023

A green 2023 Indian Scout Bobber with accessories is riding down the road. The 2023 Indian Scout Bobber has a horsepower of 100 and a torque of 72 pound-feet. The torque isn’t at its peak until 5,900 rpm, while the horsepower is at its peak at 8,100 rpm. This is a V-twin engine, so it’s clear that it likes to be wound up pretty tight.

With a bore of 99 mm and a stroke of 73.6 mm, it has a displacement of 1,133 cc and a compression ratio of 10.7:1. It will need mid-grade pusholine to work without knocking, pinging, or dieling. The Scout’s engine is what you might call a “post-unit engine,” just like the one in the Harley-Davidson Sportster. In this setup, the 6-speed transmission and clutch are built into the same cases as the engine. This makes the whole drivetrain small and self-contained.

It doesn’t use a chain to power the clutch hub. Instead, it has a primary drive with gears. A belt made of fibres sends power to the back wheel. The overall drive ratio of a Scout Bobber gives it a top speed of about 128 MPH. Overall, the 69-cubic-inch, 100-horsepower V-twin engine is a powerful one that gives riders access to raw power and a thrilling ride.


2023 Indian Motorcycle Scout® Bobber Sixty in Hollister, California

This little gem is made to look like a bunch of Easter eggs. Let’s begin with the metal sheets. Someone went crazy with the grinder and only left the front fender and a rear fender that I can only describe as “whacked” and barely big enough to clear its own struts.

The taillight and turn signals are attached to the fender, but the tag is attached to the left side of the back, so it doesn’t mess up the custom-classic look of the back of the car. Fat tyres and lots of blackout paint add to the custom look, but it’s the stretched tank in the shape of a teardrop that really stands out.

You get a bobber-style seat made of real leather that looks great. The two-tone saddle sits 25.6 inches above the deck, which should be high enough for some shorter riders, but it’s a solo seat when the Bobber rolls out of the store.

The cockpit is also simple, with a single round headlight in front of a single round gauge with a digital tachometer, engine temperature, trip metre, odometer, and low fuel light.

I also really like the mirrors that hang down from the ends of the bars. Even though it looks like a bobber and has the most horsepower in its class, the Scout is easy to ride.


Front Right View of Scout Bobber

The factory did a lot to give the Scout Bobber an old-school look, and it starts with the frame. A constant angle of drop from the steering head to the backbone is picked up by the rear shock. This gives the bike a bit of a hardtail look without going too far with a whole swing-cage thing hanging off the back end.

With a 29-degree rake and 5.1 inches of trail, the rake and trail aren’t as tight as they would be on a pure sport machine. This gives the machine some stability and good tracking. But if you want to dance with it for fun, the 5.1-inch ground clearance gives you a lean angle of 29 degrees to each side, so you can do pretty much whatever you want.

The 41 mm forks have set parameters and 4.7 inches of travel, which is about right for a cruiser motorcycle. But the two-inch suspension stroke in the back is almost mediaeval and is only better than a real rigid frame.

Cast-alloy blackout wheels with a 16-inch diameter and Pirelli MT60RS stealth-knobby tyres in a 130/90 in front and a 150/80 in back give the car a low and fat look. For stopping power, it has a single front brake with a 298 mm rotor, a two-piston anchor, and a single-bore calliper, and a second 298 mm disc in the back. ABS comes standard on all but the lowest-priced colorway, which doesn’t have it.


There’s no doubt that the Indian Scout line is a response to the Harley-Davidson Sportster, which for a long time was the only American-made sport-cruiser on the market. H-D now has a new Sportster platform that is focused on performance, so let’s compare the Bobber to the Sportster S.


Q. Does the Indian Scout Bobber look like a bike for a girl?

In comparison, the Scout Bobber is not a big bike, and some riders might call it a “girl’s” bike because the seat is low. In fact, the Scout Bobber is a rider’s bike because it runs well and is easy to control. Tall people might find it a little small, but many women can ride it because of its size. It’s not just a bike for girls, though.

Q. What is the top speed of an Indian Scout Bobber?

The Scout Bobber’s top speed is limited to 128 MPH. It takes four seconds to go from 0 to 60 MPH, and it takes 12.7 seconds to go a quarter mile.

Q: Does the Indian Scout Bobber work well for long trips?

Forward controls and a slouched riding position are fine for short trips around town, but they get tiring on long trips. The two-inch rear suspension travel makes longer rides even more uncomfortable.

Q. How hard are Bobbers to ride?

Bobbers, which were first called “bob-jobs,” are bikes that have had all of the parts that don’t improve performance taken off. To make the bike lighter, the rear fender is cut down (bobbed) and the front fender and other unnecessary body parts are taken off. This customization can be done on any kind of motorcycle, but it looks best on cruisers. So, a bobber is no easier or harder to ride than any other bike. How hard it is to ride a bobber depends on the base model that was used to make it.

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