Ktm bike price in Pakistan 2023

ktm bike price in Pakistan 2023 with all specs and features of the new model. So, if you like sports bikes and want to buy a KTM Bike in Pakistan, you’ve come to the right place to learn about the bike’s specs and features. But this bike is designed in a way that makes it stand out and makes people want to ride it. So, you can buy this bike in Pakistan from a variety of dealers and suppliers. This way, you can see how much this bike costs right now based on the model. In fact, in this post we also talk about what this bike has to offer and how it works. So, read this post to find out the prices of KTM RC 390 bikes, KTM RC 200 bikes, and KTM RC 125 bikes in Pakistan.

But we are giving you information about the specs, gas mileage, and features. So, read this article before you go buy it. You will get the most up-to-date price and an estimate of the price for this bike from dealers and suppliers in Pakistan. KTM is basically an Austrian company that makes sports motorcycles and sells them all over the world. So, the company makes different models like MX, Enduro, Sports Tourer, Supermoto, Naked Bike, and Supersport so that real riders can enjoy a real ride. But in this post, we’ll talk about the different SUPERSPORT model bikes. So, you can find out how much these different kinds cost in Pakistan.


Ktm bike price in Pakistan 2023

All of the models’ prices are listed, and people can also download them from this page. On the other hand, the company has put out 7 models so far, and if they put out a new one in the future, we will share it on this page.

Bike Model Price
KTM RC 392 PKR 2,53,000
KTM DUKE 390 PKR 2,58,000
KTM RC 200 PKR 2,00,000
KTM DUKE 200 PKR 1,76,000
KTM DUKE 125 PKR 1,49,000
KTM 390 ADVENTURE PKR 3,10,000
KTM RC 125 PKR 1,59,000

KTM Bike Engine Cc

For the people who want to know how big the engines are in all the different models. Because they had already put out seven models with different engine sizes at the time.

Bike Model Engine Cc
RC 392 373cc
DUKE 390 373cc
RC 200 200cc
DUKE 200 199.5cc
DUKE 125 124.71cc
390 ADVENTURE 373.2cc
RC 125 125cc

How Much Gas Can a KTM Bike Hold?

Some people like to race on these bikes, but everyone is interested in how much gas they can hold. So, the size of the tank is different for each model. But if we talk about the standard size of the gas tank, it holds about 13 liters.

Ktm Duke 390

Ktm bike price in Pakistan 2023

KTM Duke 390 costs PKR 2,58,000in Pakistan and comes in different colors. The KTM 390 heavy bike can produce up to 44 HP of power at 9,000 RPM and 37 Nm of torque at 7,000 RPM. The KTM Duke 390 is a powerful sports bike with a sleek design and great performance. It has a TFT display and Bluetooth connectivity in its instrument cluster. bike has a Supermoto mode that turns off the rear-wheel ABS and a Quickshifter+ that shows the gear when the bike is turned on. It has a number of customizable settings for its instrument display, such as a clock, shift light, and display theme.


Engine 4-Stroke
Cylinder Single
Displacement 373 CC
Compression ratio 12.6:1
Capacity of Petrol 13.5
Front tire 110/70 – 17
Rear Tire 150/60 – 17
Clutch Multi-Plate
& Wet Type
Transmission 6-speed
Weight 167 Kg
Average of Fuel 26 -28 Km/L
Bore and Stroke 89 mm x 60 mm
Starting System Electric
Dimension  2,072 x 831 x 1,109 mm
Frame Steel trellis

KTM RC 390

Ktm RC 390

In Pakistan, a KTM RC 390 costs between PKR 2,53,000. The RC 390 2023 has a 4-stroke engine with one cylinder and 373 cc. The engine makes 43.5 horsepower and 37 Nm of torque. This KTM RC 390 2023 has 110/70-17 tires on the front WP APEX 43 suspensions and 150/60-17 tires on the back WP APEX – Monoshock suspensions. It is made of powder-coated steel and has a trellis.


Engine  1-cylinder, 4-stroke engine
Displacement 373 cc
Power 43.5 PS
Torque 37 Nm
Transmission Manual
Kerb Weight 172 kg
Length 2145 mm
Width 760 mm
Height 830 mm
Cylinder Configuration In-line
Compression Ratio 14.5:1
Fuel Capacity 13.7 L
Valves per Cylinder 4

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KTM RC 125

KTM RC 125 2023

The price of a KTM RC 125 in Pakistan is PKR 1,59,000 The KTM RC 125 has a single-cylinder engine that is 124.9cc and is cooled by water. The engine makes 12 Nm of torque and 14.9 PS of power. On the front, this KTM RC 125 has WP APEX 43 suspensions with 110/70 – R17 tires, and on the back, it has WP APEX – Monoshock suspensions with 150/60 – R17 tires. Powder-coated steel makes up the frame, and a trellis is included.

Engine  1-cylinder, 4-stroke engine
Displacement 124.9 cc
Power 14.9 PS
Torque 12 Nm
Transmission Manual
Kerb Weight 162 kg
Length 1977  mm
Height 824 mm
Cylinder Configuration In-line
Compression Ratio 12.8:1
Fuel Capacity 13.7 L

KTM 390 Adventure

The new KTM model is now available on the market. The KTM 390 Adventure is the first bike that KTM made specifically for Adventure. The engine in the New Model 390 Adventure is the most powerful, and the outside looks good, too. It has a 373cc, single-cylinder, 4-stroke, 4-valve, double-overhead-cam (DOHC) engine that makes 43 hp and 37 Nm of torque. The size of the engine is 373.3cc. A six-speed gearbox is still in charge of the transmission.

 390 Adventure

Also, here are the dimensions of the ktm 390 adventure. The KTM 390 adventure is 2154 mm long, 900 mm wide, 1400 mm tall, and has a 1430 mm wheelbase. It will help, and you’ll be able to see how big the item 390 adventure is.

Also, the KTM 390 Adventure has brakes on both wheels and disc brakes in the front and back. The KTM 390 adventure comes with a fully digital instrument console with an Eco indicator, real-time fuel efficiency, a gear position indicator, a service reminder, an LED headlamp, and a tail lamp.

Final words

Choose KTM bikes if you want to use them for at least a decade and you want them to be reliable and have durable parts. KTM bikes are a long-term solution to your riding needs that won’t break the bank. We hope you enjoyed our review of how much a KTM bike will cost in Pakistan in 2023.

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