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New 2023 Honda Jazz Price, Images, Mileage & Colors

Honda Jazz is a new vehicle from Honda Japan. Honda Jazz Price in Pakistan 2023 can be seen here. In Japan, China, and the United States, the Honda Jazz is known as the Fit. Its sleek new design, class-leading size, and improved functionality – re-imagined from the inside out – make it stylish and come alive. It also appears to be a very young and sporty blend of worldwide design philosophy.

2023 Honda Jazz is an imported vehicle that does not officially launch in Pakistan. People are looking for the Honda Jazz Price in Pakistan 2023, which is given below the table, but we have mentioned an estimated price because this vehicle is available in used condition.

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Price of Honda Jazz in Pakistan

For those who are fortunate, the newest Honda model, the Honda Jazz 2023, is not expensive. However, given the sharp decrease in the value of the PKR, some customers could think the price is excessive. If we were to look at what one dollar cost in Pakistani rupees last year, it would be 160PKR. Considering the current price of USD, 195PKR, that is a great deal. The price of cars is significantly impacted by the wide variance in USD to PKR. The cost of the automobiles is considerably impacted by the conversion from PKR to USD.

Therefore, the prices of all imports, not only the Honda Jazz, will be significantly higher than their respective pricing. The price for 2023 has increased from 38 LAKHS Pakistani rupees, as can be seen if we look at it.

2016 1,400,000-2,000,000 PKR
2017 2,000,000-2,500,000 PKR
2018 2,000,000-2,600,000 PKR
2019 2,500,000-2,900,000 PKR

Price of Honda Jazz in USD

  • 21300 USD

Think about how much it has altered as a result of recent PKR volatility. Although it didn’t always have a direct impact on the price, it did lead to increases in gasoline prices, which raised the price of imports and forced consumers to pay more. The price of a dollar has risen to 200 PKR in the present, as we are writing this article, which is the highest price in the whole history of the nation. This indicates that further price increases for cars are inevitable.

Exterior design of Honda Jazz 2023

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The Honda Jazz has an exceptionally sleek and elegant exterior that is also more lovely and designed with a choice of colours. The door is distinctive due to the high-quality glass and the smooth bottom design. The alloy wheels that come with this car are also incredibly light, have a unique design, and look beautiful and enticing when they race down the road. Absolute parking sensors are included with the car to assist you in parking it as close to the ground as possible. Additionally, when you park your car in the garage, the electronic door locks are very secure.

Interior Design of Honda Jazz 2023

Interior Design of Honda Jazz 

The Honda Jazz’s interior is amazing. Due to the numerous amenities that are present inside the Honda Jazz, it has an intriguing and distinctive cabin. It has a high-quality touchscreen with an integrated navigation system that can be utilized to navigate your way around while you’re driving. A touch-sensitive, user-friendly AC panel is also included with the vehicle. Additionally, the passenger seats are incredibly soft, dependable, and pleasant. They also have the most opulent colours, which highlights the interior’s beauty. Additionally, it is quite cosy and dependable. The Honda Jazz provides a large quantity of storage space for utilitarian items that can be useful on long trips in addition to a large trunk area.

Honda Jazz Features

The main features of this vehicle are as the following

  • A powerful engine that is automatic as well as manual transmission
  • Bluetooth hands-free system
  • Good Steering Adjustment
  • Parking sensors for the front and rear
  • Cruise control system, with speed limited
  • Bluetooth hands-free system with Bluetooth inserted
  • Active city brake control system
  • Driver Assist Safety Pac
  • Five-door function Driver airbag
  • Passenger air Bags availability
  • CD Player
  • AM/FM Radio Plugin
  • Power Windows
  • The seats are comfortable and have rear grips.

Because of the features mentioned above, the car will be secure and comfortable in this vehicle.


Fuel Type Petrol Transmission Type Automatic (CVT)
Body Type Hatchback Drive FWD
Seating Capacity 5 Wheel type Steel
Spare wheel type Space saver Ventilated disc yes
Body construction yes Drum rear yes
Length 3946 mm width 1694 mm
height 1524 mm Wheel base 2530 mm
Front Track 1492 mm Rear Track 1481 mm
Ground Clearance 135 mm-Unladen Manual 1048
Fuel Tank Capacity 40 L Tyre size 175/65R15 84T
Wheel size 15 x 5.5 Spare wheel Space saver type


Is there a new Honda Jazz coming out?

The new variant of this vehicle has not yet been launched, and the firm has not officially announced any information about them. Furthermore, if they provide new information about themselves, we will post it on this page.

What is replacing Honda Jazz?

Yes, Honda altered the name of this car because when it was released in the market, it was called the Honda Jazz. However, as time passes, they feel compelled to change the name. This vehicle is now known as the Honda Fit.

Why is Honda Jazz not popular?

This car was not popular for a variety of reasons, and the business discontinued production after a few years.

Final words

In conclusion, it is evident that the Honda Jazz is a very reliable vehicle that provides extra comfort and has a low fuel consumption rate. It is a type that has excellent security and safety features as well, making it a popular choice for many clients. This is the vehicle for you if you’re looking for one that will draw more attention to your family and has great inside and exterior design. The fact that this car is anticipated to live longer than other Honda models is one noteworthy feature.

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