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Proton Saga 2023 Price in Pakistan

Everyone wants to know how much the Proton Saga price in Pakistan in 2023. The Proton Company has put out a new car in Pakistan. It is called the Saga. The company has started importing this car, and it can be bought at different prices because they have made many different versions with different specs and features.

Also, the functions of the inside and outside of the car will be listed below, and you can get all of the information you need from this page before you buy this car. Also, if the company changes how much this car costs, we will let people know. Look down and take note of the Proton Saga Price in Pakistan 2023 information.

Proton Saga 2023 Price In Pakistan hamariwheels

Proton Saga Price in Pakistan 2023

The lowest price for a Proton Saga 2023 in Pakistan is PKR 2,824,000 for the 1.3L Standard M/T model and the highest price is PKR 3,299,000 for the 1.3L Standard A/T model. Prices for the Proton Saga in Pakistan are from the factory.

Variants Price in Pakistan

Proton Saga 1.3L Standard M/T

1300 cc, Manual, Petrol

PKR 2,824,000

Proton Saga 1.3L Ace A/T

1300 cc, Automatic, Petrol

PKR 3,149,000

Proton Saga 1.3L Standard A/T

1300 cc, Automatic, Petrol

PKR 3,299,000


Proton, a company in Malaysia that makes cars, makes the subcompact Proton Saga. It came out for the first time in 1985 and quickly became a big deal in the Malaysian car business. It is one of the Proton number plates that has been used the longest, with more than a million units made in 35 years.

The first-generation Proton Saga was made with the help of Mitsubishi Motors, and it came in two different styles. It was a big hit right away, and its design and performance won awards and praise. It was made until 2008, and because it was so popular, it was shipped all over the world.

In 2008, the second-generation Proton Saga came out in three different styles. Within two weeks of its release, it had set a record for the number of reservations.

2016 saw the start of the third generation of the Proton Saga. The car’s body was 20% stronger and had an electronic stability control system to make it safer. In 2019, it got a facelift that included a better trim.

In Pakistan, the Proton Saga came out with the help of the Al-Haj Group. There are three different kinds of this car: the Proton Saga Standard MT, the Proton Saga Standard AT, and the Proton Saga Ace.

Pros And Cons Of Proton Saga 2023

  • Most affordable sedan
  • Reliable vehicle

  • Sedans come with a lot of power.

  • Pakistan welcomes the first car brand from Malaysia

  • Shape That’s Old
  • Not big enough

  • Average Fuel is not good enough.

  • Covid Restrictions in Malaysia make it hard to find parts.

Exterior And Design

Proton Saga 2023 Exterior

Modern and elegant lines give the Proton saga a refined look, and its unique upgrades make it appealing to everyone. Above the front bumper is a grille in the shape of an endless weave. On its sides are new diamond-shaped halogen reflector headlights and new LED daytime running lights (ACE Trim only).

The back of the car has a new bumper and spoiler that draw everyone’s attention, and the proton logo is hidden between the two beautiful taillights. On the roof, there is an antenna in the shape of a bee sting.

It looks good and works well to pick up radio signals. In the last 15 inches (ace trim), alloy wheels make them look better and give them a sportier look.

Interior Of Proton Saga 2023

Proton Saga 2023 Interior

The inside of the new proton Saga 2023 is big and comfortable. The steering wheel is made of urethane and has a tilt adjustment. The Ace version also has buttons on the steering wheel for controlling the music and the phone. Behind the steering wheel is a multi-information LCD display with a meter that is built into it.

All versions of the proton Saga have ECO Drive Assist, power windows, key less entry, a 12V power socket, and an adjustable driver’s seat. The Ace version has some extra features, like a luggage light and three USB ports.

In the Standard AT and MT models, the infotainment system is a standard stereo with two speakers and Bluetooth connectivity. On the other hand, the Ace model has a 7-inch touchscreen that floats and can connect to smartphones and Bluetooth. It also has 4 speakers.

The Proton Saga 2023 also has a sun visor, a map light, and a bench-type rear seat that folds.

Colors Proton Saga 2023

Saga comes in six different colors: Armour Silver, Jet Grey, Quartz Black, Rosewood Maroon, Ruby Red, and Snow White.

  • Armour Silver
  • Jet Grey
  • Quartz Black
  • Rosewood Maroon
  • Ruby Red
  • Snow White

Features Of  Proton Saga 2023

  • 4-inch Steel Wheels
  • halogen Headlights
  • Power Windows
  • Turn signals built into electric door mirrors
  • There are no keys.
  • Remote Trunk opener
  • Hydraulic Power Steering
  • Tilt with Power Steering
  • Height of Driver’s Seat
  • Eco-Drive Help
  • Dual Airbags (Driver + Passenger)
  • ABS + EBD, Brake Assist
  • Back Parking Sensors and Lock

Saga Safety

The new Proton Saga 2023 has many safety and security features, such as front airbags, front seatbelts, an immobilizer, an anti-theft alarm, and parking sensors, to name a few. Other safety features include an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) and Brake assist in all trims.
The Proton Saga Ace has extra features like electronic stability control, hill hold assist, and a traction control system.

Specifications Proton Saga 2023

Body Type Sedan
Dimensions 4331 x 1689 x 1491 mm
Ground Clearance 0 – 150 mm
Displacement 1300 – 1332 cc
Transmission Manual & Automatic
Horse Power 91 – 95 hp
Torque 117 – 120 Nm
Boot Space 0 – 420 L
Kerb Weight 1055 – 1080 KG
Fuel Type Petrol
Mileage 11 – 16 KM/L
Fuel Tank Capacity 40 L
Seating Capacity 5 – Persons
Top Speed 180 – 220 KM/H
Tyre Size 185/60/R14

Engine & Power

Proton Saga 2023 Engine

The Proton Saga comes with a 1.3-liter DOHC VVT engine that has a 1332-cc displacement and can make up to 70 kW (93 HP) of power at 5750 RPM and 120 Nm of torque at 4000 RPM.

With a smaller engine, the Saga has a displacement of 1299 cc instead of 1332 cc. It still makes 91 hp and 120 nm, which are almost the same. There are automatic transmissions with four speeds and manual transmissions with five speeds.

Performance & Drive

People have always said that driving a Proton Saga was a great experience, and it has won many awards for this. The latest model has been changed to make the handling better in most ways, and the good suspension makes the handling even better when turning and cornering. The brake system is also made better by adding pads with more friction and larger discs.

It no longer has a continuously variable transmission. Instead, it has an automatic transmission, and the gearbox is from the Hyundai Transys. Both the manual and automatic throttle changes are smooth. The new automatic driving mode is more fuel-efficient and gives the car a bit of a sporty feel when accelerating directly in gear. At 110 kilometers per hour, it has a good acceleration that keeps the revolution needle below 3000 RPM.

Fuel Average/ Fuel Tank Capacity

When you shift out of the new gear, the engine brakes feel strong. It can go from 0 to 100 km/h in 11 seconds. The hydraulic steering wheel is easier to turn and requires less effort to turn. Customers appreciate how easy and smooth it is to turn and curve the car around corners. Even at high speeds, the steering wheel stays easy to use, which makes the car easy to control.

Customers have always wanted it because of how dynamic and stylish it is, which makes going fast even more fun. The fuel economy of the Proton Saga is also not too bad. If you drive it with a manual transmission, it takes 5.6 liters of gasoline to go 100 kilometers, and if you drive it with an automatic transmission, it takes 5.4 liters of gasoline to go 100 kilometers.

It’s the best car if you want to enjoy driving, thanks to features like electronic stability control, traction control, hill-hold assist, a reverse camera, and parking sensors at the front and back.



The most popular car in Malaysia is the Proton Saga, which is similar to our Suzuki Mehran, which is owned by almost every house at least once in a lifetime. Its sales show that its popularity hasn’t changed, either.

In June 2022, more people buy Proton Saga than ever before, which shows how much they love it. When the Proton Saga comes to the Pakistani auto market, it will be a threat to all of its competitors and a good choice to buy. We expect the Saga to do well in our country as well.

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