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Suzuki Bolan 2023 price in Pakistan

The new Suzuki Bolan 2023  Van for the 2023 model year has been shown off by the company. The Suzuki Bolan 2023 Price In Pakistan has gone up a little bit this year. We’ll talk about the price, the features, and other details. It is one of the most popular vehicles because it is good for big families and a variety of business uses.

Also, both the buyer and the seller should know how the Suzuki Bolan looks and what it has inside. Also, the Suzuki Bolan 2023 costs a lot more in Pakistan than previous models. Carry Daba is another name for the Suzuki Bolan, which can be found in many cities in Pakistan.

Suzuki Bolan 2023

Suzuki Bolan 2023 Price in Pakistan

The lowest price for a Suzuki Bolan 2023 in Pakistan is PKR 1,848,000 for the VX Euro II model, and the highest price is PKR 1,852,000 for the Cargo Van Euro ll model. These Suzuki Bolan prices in Pakistan are from the factory.

Variants  Price In Pakistan 

Suzuki Bolan Cargo Van Euro ll

796 cc, Manual, Petrol

PKR 1,940,000

Suzuki Bolan VX Euro II

796 cc, Manual, Petrol

PKR 1,940,000

Suzuki Bolan 2023 Overview

In Pakistan, the Suzuki Bolan is also called Carry Dabba. Suzuki Bolan got some small changes to its looks and a brand-new engine that meets Euro-II standards. The Suzuki Bolan is a small MPV with a mid-engine that drives the front wheels. The Suzuki Bolan MPV hasn’t changed much since it was first sold in Pakistan in the early 1990s. When compared to other models in the same class that are sold in Pakistan, the price of the Suzuki Bolan 2023 is pretty good.

Suzuki Bolan 2023 Exterior

Suzuki Bolan 2023 price in Pakistan

The Suzuki Bolan 2023 has a tough exterior. Because of its superior construction, the Suzuki Bolan 2023 has a strong exterior. Front fascia’s of the Bolan are flat. Bolan’s black front bumper includes square headlights with rectangular fog lamps in black grilles. Suzuki’s general appearance Bolan is square and looks like a van. Bolan’s rear is distinguished by rectangular taillights and a uniform design throughout. A tiny MPV made by Suzuki Bolan was created in the middle of the 1990s.

Interior of 2023 Suzuki Bolan

Interior of Suzuki Bolan

The outside and inside of the newest Bolan haven’t changed much, and neither has the design of the rest of the car. When compared to its predecessor, the current Bolan has the same black bumper, outside mirrors, and grille as its predecessor.

The only thing that has changed is the shape of the headlights, which went from round to square over time. The height, width, length, and ground clearance are all the same as before. The Bolan’s interior has the same seat fabric as the outside, a plastic dashboard with manual doors, a sun visor, but no vanity mirrors or cup holders. The windows are also operated by hand, and there are front seat belts. But the most important thing is that it is built with less quality than ever before.

Suzuki Bolan 2023 Pros & Cons

  • Seating for a lot of people
  • Low-Cost Maintenance

  • Parts are available

  • Strong network of dealers

  • There is now an AC version

  • Not Stable at Fast Speeds
  • Insufficient Equipment

  • Uncomfortable Ride

  • There’s nothing to keep you safe.

  • Same Form for Decades

  • Material of Low Quality


Suzuki Bolan 2023 provided three colors on the market that are

  • Solid white
  • Silky silver
  • Pearl red


Suzuki Bolan Pakistan is one of the most popular cars on the road because it has a lot of great features. Now, let’s look at them:

  • The Suzuki Bolan Pakistan is a car with all-wheel drive.
  • Each cylinder has two pistons, and the ignition system turns them on and off. 796cc is how much it can hold.
  • It gets its power from the engine through a belt, and it gets its torque from a differential.
  • Drums and discs work together to make the car’s brakes work.
  • A long wheelbase is built into the Suzuki Bolan Pakistan.
  • It helps people get from one place to another in a safe way.
  • Its suspension is made up of springs and shock absorbers.
Feature Description
All-wheel drive The car can move and change direction with all four wheels.
Two-piston cylinder Two pistons move up and down in each cylinder when the firing system turns it on and off.
796cc engine displacement The engine of the car can hold up to 796 cc of a mixture of air and fuel.
Belt-driven power A belt connects the crankshaft and camshaft of the engine, which gives the car its strength.
Differential torque The torque of the car comes from a part that lets the wheels turn at different speeds.
Drum and disc brakes Drums and plates on the brakes of a car press against the wheels to slow them down.
Long wheelbase The distance between the front and back wheels is far, which makes the car less stable and hard to drive.
Safety features Seat belts, air bags, an anti-lock braking system, and other safety features help people get from one place to another safely.
Spring and shock absorber suspension The suspension of a car is made up of springs and shock absorbers, which soften the ride and cut down on noises.


Price PKR 19.4 – 19.4 lacs 
Body Type Van, Mini Van
Dimensions 3255 x 1395 x 1845 mm
Ground Clearance 140 mm
Displacement 796 cc
Transmission Manual
Horse Power 37 hp
Torque 62 Nm
Boot Space 0 L
Kerb Weight 550 KG
Fuel Type Petrol
Mileage 12 – 13 KM/L
Fuel Tank Capacity 36 L
Seating Capacity 2 – 5 – Persons
Top Speed 120 KM/H
Tyre Size 145/50/R12

Fuel Average

The Suzuki Bolan Carry Daba 2023 has an 800cc engine, so you can get a better average fuel economy of 12Km/L to 16Km/L, depending on how much you’re carrying and how you drive.

Engine and Power

The Suzuki Bolan is a 796cc MPV that only comes with one engine. The only thing that has changed about this model over the years is that it now has a Euro-2 engine instead of a Carburetor engine. At 5000 rpm, this 796cc three-cylinder inline Euro-II engine makes 37 HP and 62 Nm of torque. A five-speed manual transmission is used with this engine. This Bolan can go between 120 and 140 km/h at its fastest. It takes between 10 and 12 seconds to speed up from 0 to 60 km/h.

These are some of the specifications of this van. Anyone interested in purchasing this van should review all of the specifications before making a purchase. Suzuki Bolan Van Price In Pakistan 2023 has been increased this year due to increased taxes as we know that vehicle prices increase every year.

Bolan Ride & Handling

Driving the Suzuki Bolan 2023 requires experience. If you’re a novice driver, it will be challenging to control due to its boxy shape, slender front end, and long body. The van’s size and form make it difficult to control and it exhibits an incredible amount of body roll.

Bolan Safety

There are no new safety features on the Suzuki Bolan 2023. It has manual window and door locks, and there are no airbags.

The Availability of Suzuki Bolan Vehicle Parts in Pakistan

At Pakistan’s many auto markets, Suzuki Bolan 2023 spare parts are easily accessible. For further details, visit the Suzuki Bolan showroom in Pakistan to get this information.


The FAW XPV, Changan Karvan, and Suzuki Every are some of the main rivals of the Suzuki Bolan.


Even though Suzuki Bolan is small, that doesn’t mean there isn’t enough space inside. This is because there is a lot of leg room in this car. Before you buy a Suzuki Bolan car, you should find out how much it will cost in Pakistan in 2023. The Suzuki Bolan only has three doors, so it’s easy to bring the whole family with you. If you need to move a lot of things, you can use the trunk of the Suzuki Bolan. Also, the car has enough room for four people to sit comfortably.


How much does the Suzuki Bolan 2023 cost in Pakistan?

A: The regular version of the Suzuki Bolan 2023 costs PKR 1,940,000 in Pakistan, and the cargo version costs PKR 1,944,000.

What kinds of things does the Suzuki Bolan 2023 have?

A: The Suzuki Bolan 2023 is a small van that can fit up to eight people. It has a 796cc motor that makes 37 hp and 62 Nm of torque. It has a 36-liter fuel tank and a stick-shift gearbox. It has a large cabin, a door that slides, and a hatch door in the back. It also has a stereo system, air conditioning, and power steering.

What’s the difference between the Suzuki Bolan 2023 and other minivans in Pakistan?

A: One of the most famous and affordable minivans in Pakistan is the Suzuki Bolan 2023. It can be used for both personal and business purposes. It’s easy to keep up and can be sold for a good price. But it doesn’t have safety measures like airbags, ABS, or EBD. It also uses a lot of gas and makes a lot of noise. FAW X-PV, DFSK C37, and Changan Karvaan3 are some of its rivals.

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