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Toyota C-HR Price in Pakistan 2023 Image Reviews And Specs

The price of a Toyota C-HR 2023 Hybrid in Pakistan. The Toyota C-HR 2023 is one of the cheapest and smallest crossover SUVs that Toyota makes.
The sixth year of making cars will be the model year 2023. Even though Toyota hasn’t made any official changes, we don’t think there will be any big changes in 2023.

Normally, a redesign would be in the works, but Toyota’s recent release of the Corolla Cross makes things more complicated by putting the two models in competition with each other.

Compared to other cars in its class, like the Corolla Cross, the C-HR looks and feels old.
It starts out more expensive than most of its competitors, and it doesn’t have some of the features we’d expect from an SUV in this class.

Also great choices are the Chevrolet Trailblazer, the Kia Soul, the Mazda CX-30, and the Volkswagen Taos. Check out our Expert Rating to learn more about the strengths and weaknesses of C-strengths HR’s.

Toyota C-HR 2023 price in Pakistan

Toyota C-HR Price in Pakistan 2023

The Toyota C-HR All Variants 2023 costs between 56,58,000 and 61,07,000 PKR in Pakistan.

Variant Price In Pakistan 
Toyota C-HR GX Hybrid PKR 56,58,000 (Approximated)
Toyota C-HR VX Hybrid PKR 61,07,000 (Approximated)

Toyota C HR S

PKR 6,500,000 (Approximated)
Toyota C HR Koba PKR 7,500,000 (Approximated)

Toyota C-HR Price in USA 2023

The Toyota C-HR All Variants  2023 costs between $25,200 and $38,440 in US dollars.

Variants Price In USA
Toyota C-HR GX Hybrid $25,200 US Dollar Approximated)
Toyota C-HR VX Hybrid $27,200 US Dollar (Approximated)
Toyota C HR S $30,915 US Dollar (Approximated)
Toyota C HR Koba $38,440 US Dollar (Approximated)


The first generation of the Toyota C-HR 2021 hit the market at the 2016 Geneva Auto Show. The Toyota C-HR 2021 is a crossover car with a front-mounted engine and four-wheel drive.

The Coupe High Rider is what C-HR stands for. The Toyota C-HR is a crossover car that is all about design, from the outside to the inside. It is the best thing Toyota has done since the Toyota Supra.

This car was made to look good so that it could compete with others on the European market. Because of its good looks, it also became popular in other parts of the world. When you compare the price of the Toyota C-HR in Pakistan to the prices of other crossovers on the market there, you’ll see that it’s not a good deal.

Pros And Cons Of Toyota C-HR 2023

What We Like
  • Fuel efficient
  • The engine is strong.

  • Luxurious

  • The interior is cosy.

  • The ride is good.

What We Don't Like
  • Old Building
  • A lot of trouble

  • There aren’t enough spare parts

Exterior Of Toyota C-HR 2023

Toyota C-HR 2023 exterior Hamariwheels

There is a reason why this SUV looks like it came from a movie. The Toyota C-HR has big, sharp headlights, creased and grooved sides, and a sloppy back like a coupe with raised tail lights.

The latest Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) imports of the C-HR have a new scrolling indicator and a facelift bumper design, which add to the beauty of this car.

The front of the car is different from the fronts of other SUVs in its class. On the front, there are big projector LEDs around a big Toyota hybrid logo that looks blueish.

Below the logo, the front bumper has a sleek grille and then a mesh grille. Some models have longer sports kits that make the front of the car even lower.

All over the body of the car, the side profiles are made of high-quality plastic claddings.

The character lines on the Toyota C-HR are very noticeable and flow all over the car’s body.

On the back pillar of this SUV are the door handles for the back doors. The back lights remind me of the ones on the Honda Civic X. Just like the front, the back of this compact SUV has a lot of grooves that add to its sporty look.

Interior Of Toyota C-HR 2023

Toyota C-HR 2023 interior Hamariwheels

The C-HR is easy to get into and out of because the seats are higher up. The front also has a lot of headroom.

The back seats are big enough for adults of average size, but the big roof pillars in the back may make them feel cramped.

The way the controls are set up in C-minimalist HR is appealing, and the main controls are usually easy to use. But it’s harder to understand some of the more advanced features, like adaptive cruise control.

The front of the C-HR is pretty clear, but the wide roof pillars in the back make it hard to see what’s behind you.

377 litres is a good amount of space in the trunk of a Toyota C-HR Hybrid. By today’s standards, it’s not a lot, but it won’t let you down either.

It’s also important to note that the Toyota C-HR is smaller than C-segment crossover SUVs like the KIA Sportage and Hyundai Tucson, even though it’s a newer car.

Colors Of Toyota C-HR 2023

There are 8 colours for the Toyota C-HR.

  • Blue Metallic
  • White Pearl Crystal
  • Premium Red
  • Radiant Green
  • Metal Stream
  • Metal Stream Without Black Roof
  • White Pearl Crystal Without Black Roof

Features Of Toyota C-HR 2023

There Are Some Features Of Toyota C-HR 2023.As a top-of-the-line JDM crossover SUV, C-HR comes with high-tech safety features.

In Pakistan, the Toyota C-HR Hybrid 1.8L has the following safety features.

  • Power Steering
  • Front Power Windows
  • Anti Lock Braking System
  • Cooling system
  • Alloy Wheels
  • Push Start/Stop Button Engine
  • Seats made of leather
  • Camera in Back
  • Airbags 6
  • ABS + EBD + VSC
  • Parking sensor Front Only
  • Auto braking
  • Lane assist
  • Hold auto
  • Climate Control Digital
  • Watching out for blind spots
  • Adaptive Cruise
  • Control of Grip
  • Hill-Start Help
  • Downhill Help


Body Type SUV
Model Year 2023
Model Grade GX HYBRID
Fuel Type HYBRID
Spec Region GCC
Engine Type 16V DOHC With VVT-I, 2ZR-FXE
Engine Size 1.8L

Comfort and Handling

Unlike other sporty crossover SUVs, the Toyota C-HR has a suspension that isn’t as stiff, which makes it very comfortable.

It’s even more comfortable because of how well the seats are padded and how nice the inside is.
The front of the C-HR hybrid has a McPherson suspension, and the back has two wishbones.

With this suspension setup and less ground clearance, the car can grip and turn very well.

The sporty, low-profile 225/50/R18 tyres give this car even better road grip and make it more fun to drive.


Number Of Valves 16 Valves
Number Of Cylinders 4
Engine Type 16V DOHC With VVT-I, 2ZR-FXE
Wheel 17″ Alloy
Emission EURO 4
Tyre Size 215/ 60R17
Drive Train Front-Wheel Drive
Transmission Type E-CVT
Driving Modes Sport/Normal/Eco/EV


Length 172.6 inches
Width 70.7 inches
Height 61.6 inches
Wheelbase 103.9 inches
Ground clearance 5.9 inches
Kerb weight 3300 lbs


Most important rivals Audi Q2, BMWX1, Honda Vezel, and Audi Q3 are the main rivals of Toyota C-HR 2023 in Pakistan. In the future, it might be able to compete with Pakistan’s other well-known cars.


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