Yutong Bus Price in Pakistan 2023

Youtong buses were introduced in the transportation sector by various Chinese businesses. Basically, the Yutong bus is classified as a luxury vehicle, and only a few businesses, like Daewoo, Skyways, Bilal Travel, and Faisal Movers, are now using them for lengthy journeys. People are interested in the estimated 80 million rupee Yutong Bus Price in Pakistan in 2023.

The main goal is to increase passenger comfort when riding on buses. As a result, Yutong buses are now preferred by passengers travelling long distances between Lahore and Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore, among other cities. In addition, despite the fact that a number of models have entered the Pakistani market, few people are aware of the Yutong Bus Price in Pakistan 2023, which is shown below.


Yutong Bus Price in Pakistan 2023

Buses from other nations are imported into Yutong, and the government imposes heavy excise taxes. As a result, the price of Yutong automatically increases and is currently about 80 Million Rupees.

Yutong Bus Price in PKR  80 Million Rupees

Yutong Bus Models: Diverse Options to Meet Your Needs

With a wide selection of models catered to various needs, Yutong has made a name for itself as a reputable bus manufacturer. Whether you require a bus for travel, sightseeing, or other specific circumstances, Yutong can help. Their wide-ranging lineup consists of:

Yutong ZK6129HGC

With cutting-edge safety features and cosy seating options, this vehicle is perfect for commuting in cities. It’s a well-liked option among public transport operators due to its fuel efficiency and affordable maintenance expenses.

Yutong TC9

The Yutong TC9 is a luxurious bus that would dazzle anyone looking for one. This model provides a first-class travelling experience with its exquisite design, roomy cabin, and state-of-the-art facilities.

Yutong U12

The Yutong U12 is a flexible and dependable bus that may be used for a range of purposes, including shuttle services for businesses, interstate travel, and tourism. The vehicle’s strong engine and durable chassis provide a comfortable ride.

Yutong ICe12

An electric bus designed to meet the rising demand for eco-friendly transportation options is the Yutong ICe12. With modern technology and eco-friendly operation, it provides lower emissions and a quiet, comfortable ride.

Types of Yutong Bus Exists In Pakistan

  • E-Bus
  • E-Coach
  • City Bus
  • Coach
  • Airfield Bus
  • Special Vehicle

Yutong E-Bus Price in Pakistan

Officially, Yutong Company has not yet announced the prices of all E-Buses models on its website, nor has it indicated how much a bus will cost based on the exchange rate and excise tax. Pay an amount in dollars rather than PKR when purchasing a new Yutong bus.

Model Size
E11 11200*2550*3290 (mm)
ZK5180C 17970*2550*3770 (mm)
ZK 5120C 12070*2550*3770

Yutong E-Bus Price in Pakistan

Yutong E-Coach Price in Pakistan

Seating capacity, model name, and dimensions of the E-Coach are provided for transport businesses, but no price is mentioned. Contact the business listed below if you want to get the precise cost of the Yutong E-Coach bus.

Yutong E-Coach Price in Pakistan

Model Size
ZK6119BEVQ 10990* 2500* 3625

Yutong Coaches Price in Pakistan

Yutong Coaches are well-known in Pakistan due to their suitability for lengthy journeys as well as the numerous amenities they provide, including entertainment, comfortable seating, and many others. However, every Yutong bus has full air conditioning. Additionally, Yutong instructors’ prices will be updated soon.

Model Size
C13 PRO 12500*2550*3840
C9 8970*2550*3480
ZK6132H 12450*2550*3830
C11 10990*2550*3640
D7 7,190*2,240*2,900/3,070
T12 12245*2550*3810
T13 13175*2550*3650
ZK6122H9(HN9) 12000*2550*3830
ZK6127HS 12000*2550*3820

Yutong Coaches Price in Pakistan

Features of Unparalleled Quality and Safety

Yutong is dedicated to producing buses that adhere to the highest standards of quality and safety. To achieve peak performance and dependability, their buses go through stringent testing and quality control methods. Yutong buses have a number of noteworthy safety features, such as:

  • Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)This function lowers the likelihood of accidents by preventing wheel locking when braking suddenly.
  • Electric Braking System (EBS):The EBS improves the bus’s braking performance, giving it better control and stability on various types of roads.
  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC)ESC automatically modifies the amount of braking pressure applied to each wheel, assisting the driver to maintain control during rapid manoeuvres or on slick conditions.
  • System for Lane Departure Warning:This device warns the driver if the bus leaves its lane without signalling, reducing the risk of accidents brought on by inattentive or sleepy drivers.
  • Autonomous Cruise Control:During lengthy trips, this feature improves overall safety by automatically adjusting the bus’s speed to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front.

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In Pakistan, Yutong buses are well-known for their exceptional quality, advanced safety features, and affordable cost. Whether you require a bus for general use, high-end travel, or specialised reasons, Yutong has a wide selection of vehicles to meet your requirements. You can feel secure in your decision to purchase a Yutong bus because you are getting a dependable, secure, and cost-effective vehicle.

We are committed to giving you useful knowledge on Yutong buses so you can make wise judgements. Please contact us if you need any additional help or have particular questions on Yutong buses or any other bus-related subject. Our team of professionals is ready to guide you through the bus industry and make sure you locate the ideal option for your transportation requirements.

Competition Research: Yutong Buses

While Yutong buses have made a name for themselves in the bus manufacturing sector, it’s crucial to recognise that their rivals also provide consumers with high-quality buses. Here is a description of one of Yutong’s key rivals:

Higer Bus Company Limited is a rival.

Famous Chinese bus maker Higer Bus Company Limited competes with Yutong in a number of markets, including Pakistan. Higer is well-known for its dedication to quality and technological advancement, as well as for its dependable buses. Here are a few significant aspects of Higer buses:

Range of Products:

Higer provides a variety of buses, including coaches, school buses, municipal buses, and tourist buses. They offer variety and alternatives by having models made for various applications and client needs.

Advanced Features:

In order to assure safety, comfort, and fuel efficiency, Higer buses are outfitted with cutting-edge features and technologies. They include technological advancements like eco-friendly engines, anti-lock braking systems, and electronic stability control.

Quality Assurance:

Higer has set strict manufacturing standards and places a lot of attention on quality control. To make certain that their buses adhere to industry standards and consumer expectations, they have devised thorough testing methods.

Customization choices:

Higer offers customization choices to suit their buses to particular needs because they are aware that each customer has different requirements. Customers can select seating layouts, interior elements, and other details because to this versatility.

Global Presence:

Higer has a substantial international footprint thanks to the export of its buses to various nations, including Pakistan. They are a prominent player in the international bus business thanks to their experience and global presence.

Post-Sale Support:

Higer is dedicated to giving their customers first-rate after-sales support. To provide prompt maintenance and repair services, they have a network of authorised service centres and spare parts distribution channels.

Competitive Pricing:

Higer strives to provide value for clients without sacrificing quality or features by offering competitive pricing for their buses. Their price policy caters to clients looking for dependable and affordable transportation options.

Even though Yutong and Higer are rivals, it’s critical to consider each passenger’s needs, preferences, and financial limitations when choosing a bus. Both businesses have distinctive capabilities and services, so clients should carefully weigh their choices in order to make an informed choice.

Please be aware that this research only gives a brief overview of one competitor and does not provide a thorough analysis of all brands that compete in the market. For the best decision for certain needs, it is advisable to carry out additional study and speak with industry professionals. This will give you a thorough understanding of all the possibilities accessible.

 FAQs Yutong Buses

Customers frequently ask the following inquiries concerning Yutong buses:

What distinguishes Yutong buses from competing models?

The superb quality, cutting-edge safety features, and dependable performance of Yutong buses are well known. To ensure longevity and passenger comfort, they pass thorough testing and follow strict manufacturing guidelines. The dedication of Yutong to innovation and sustainability further distinguishes them from competing firms.

Which bus types does Yutong provide?

To meet different needs, Yutong provides a wide selection of buses. They have models for interstate travel, luxury coaches, urban transit, electric buses and more. Regardless of whether you require a bus for general transportation, tourist, or specialised uses, Yutong has a model to meet your needs.

In which locations can I get the most recent Yutong bus prices in Pakistan?

Consult with authorised Yutong dealers in Pakistan or go to their official website for the most precise and recent price information. Depending on the particular model, configuration, and add-ons, the costs may change.

Do Yutong buses consume little fuel?

The design of Yutong buses does take into account fuel efficiency. They include cutting-edge technologies to optimise fuel efficiency and save operating costs for bus operators, such as effective engines and aerodynamic designs.

What security tools come standard on Yutong buses?

To protect the safety of both passengers and drivers, Yutong buses are fitted with a number of safety features. The Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Braking System (EBS), Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Lane Departure Warning System, Adaptive Cruise Control, and other significant safety features are just a few. These characteristics increase braking effectiveness, increase vehicle stability, and contribute to accident avoidance.

Can Yutong buses be modified to meet certain needs?

Yes, Yutong gives customers the chance to customise their buses. Customers can talk to authorised Yutong dealers about their individual needs to explore customization options, including seating configurations, interior features, and extra accessories.

Where in Pakistan can I find assistance with Yutong bus repair and servicing?

In Pakistan, Yutong offers a network of authorised service centres that can assist its buses with maintenance, servicing, and spare parts. For information on the closest service centres and their contact information, it is advised to get in touch with authorised Yutong dealers or go to their official website.

How ecologically friendly are Yutong buses?

Yutong is dedicated to sustainability and provides electric bus models, including the Yutong ICe12, that are made to minimise environmental effect and cut emissions. Alternatives to conventional diesel-powered buses that are more environmentally friendly include electric buses, which help create a cleaner, greener transportation system.

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