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2023 Super Duty: Pricing, Photos, Specs & Features

The new line of 2023 Super Duty trucks is amazing. Engineers made the pick-up series with the worker in mind. They added many different features that help with everyday work tasks and keep life running smoothly.

The designers put in little details that make sense everywhere, from under the hood to the end of the tailgate. Ford calls this line of vehicles “Super Duty” because they are made for heavy-duty jobs and with the worker in mind.

2023 Super Duty Pricing

2023 Super Duty

The trim levels for the 2023 Super Duty are the same as they were for the previous model. We’re likely to recommend the midlevel Lariat because it has nice extras like LED lighting, power front seats, a 360-degree camera package, and a B&O audio system for a lower price than the more expensive King Ranch and Platinum trims.

Variants Pricing
XL $45,865
XLT $49,595
Lariat $62,035
King Ranch $77,870
Platinum $78,760
Limited $97,990


Ford will release a brand-new F-series Super Duty in 2023. This will be the next generation of its heavy-duty pickup truck. The new Super Duty has a completely new look on the outside and inside, new technology, and new powertrain options to help it stay competitive in the truck market, which is very competitive.

Ford says that the 2023 Super Duty is now on track to have the most powerful engine output and the most powerful towing and payload ratings of any big-muscle HD pickup. Depending on how it’s set up, the Super Duty can carry up to 8,000 pounds of payload or pull a trailer that weighs up to 40,000 pounds.

A lot of new technology, like a blind-spot monitoring system for fifth-wheel and gooseneck trailering, is helping to make driving and towing safer and easier. The Super Duty also shows off its innovative side with a “tailgate down” backup camera and a 5G Wi-Fi hotspot, both of which are firsts in the industry.

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What’s Coming in 2023?

Ford’s heavy-duty pickup truck is all new for the 2023 model year, from the tires up. It also has new engines and a new look. The 7.3-liter V-8 engine gets a new air intake and better tuning, and the 6.7-liter Power Stroke V-8 diesel engine is brand new. On the outside, the new Super Duty uses the same design language as Ford’s smaller F-150 and Maverick pickup trucks.

This includes the brand’s signature “C-clamp” lighting. We’re glad to say that the Super Duty doesn’t have trendy fake side vents. Instead, it has real ones that work. Inside, the dashboard has been changed, and there are new digital gauges and an infotainment screen that can be as big as 12.0 inches. Also, four-wheel drive will come standard on the XLT and Lariat, not just the King Ranch, Platinum, and Limited. The base XL still only comes with rear-wheel drive.

The engine, the transmission, and how it works

The standard V-8 engine now has a displacement of 6.8 liters, up from 6.2 liters. It is said to have better low-end grunt. A few small changes have been made to the larger 7.3-liter gas-powered engine, but the 6.7-liter Power Stroke diesel with 500 horsepower and 1200 lb-ft of torque is what really gets our attention. The Power Stroke engine also has a new turbocharger, new tuning, and better exhaust manifolds. All of the engine options are paired with an automatic 10-speed transmission. Ford hasn’t said how much horsepower or torque any of the Super Duty’s engines will have yet, but the company’s claim that the Power Stroke diesel will be the most powerful engine in its class is almost certainly true.

Cargo, Interior, and Comfort

2023 ford super duty interior

The new interior design is better than the one in the 2022 model, but buyers of the base XL trim should still expect a fairly sparse cabin. As you move up in trim, you can get more comfort and luxury features, and Ford made it so that the front seats can lay almost flat so that drivers can get a good night’s sleep when they stop for the night on a long drive. Ford hasn’t released a full list of the 2023 Super Duty interior features and options yet, but we’ll add more information to this story when we do.

Features for security and possible upgrades

The 2023 Super Duty line-up comes with a lot of safety features. Intelligent Cruise Control Stop-and-Go and Lane Centering system automatically slows, stops, and restarts the vehicle to keep it in its lane and relieve stress on the driver in heavy traffic.

This safety feature for fleet drivers is a great way to help tired workers after a long day of work and prevent accidents that could have been avoided. The Forward and Reverse Sensing system is also part of the Super Duty lineup. It shows the driver what the problem is on the center console and also sounds an alarm.

All Ford Super Duty models also come with a feature called “rear brake assist,” which helps drivers avoid low-speed accidents and helps the traffic sensor systems do their jobs.

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Software Subscriptions for Fleet

Ford has made some interesting technology that goes beyond the physical parts of the vehicle to keep any business fleet or single truck company safe and organized. With the FordPass App and subscriptions to the Ford Pro software, truck owners have almost an infinite number of ways to make their vehicles make their lives easier.

For example, the GPS Fleet Tracking system lets fleet managers keep track of drivers and their routes. Customers can get live updates using GPS live maps and geofencing. The Ford Pro Suite is a set of software services that turn your phone into the main tool for your truck. This takes away stress and gives you time to do hard work.


The lighter weight of the Super Duty build lets it do more with each horse under the hood. It also has vertical vents in the front, which make it less likely that air pressure will build up under the hood.

A new V8 with a capacity of 6.8 liters is smaller and lighter than the old V8. This lets it do more, and it promises to match or beat the 385 horsepower and 430 lb-ft of torque of the current V8. Still, it’s hard to beat the 7.3-liter PFI V8. It makes 430 hp and 475 lb-ft of power.

The 6.7-liter Power Stroke V8 turbo diesel is back and ready for anything. At least 475 horsepower and 1050 lb-ft of torque are produced. It comes with the Ford F-450 and can be added to the F-250 and F-350. Clearly, the high level of torque gives the best performance, whether towing a heavy trailer or hauling a heavy load.

The high-output 6.7-liter Power Stroke is another new engine. This 90-degree diesel V8 engine has a turbocharger that is protected by water. It’s a new way to look at strength for our time.

Ford puts its engines together with one of two 10-speed automatic transmissions called TorqueShift. The SRW turbo models can pull up to 22,000 pounds. The most that a DRW turbo diesel can pull is 37,999 pounds.

Cabin Sizes

Cabin Sizes

The 2-row cabs were made for the F-250 and higher models in particular. With two rows, there are seats for six people. A padded center console can be added to the front bucket seats.

There is a lot of room in SuperCabs, especially in the front row. But there isn’t as much space for passengers’ legs or cargo in the back as there is in Crew Cabs.

Crew Cab has the most space, with 43.6 inches of legroom in the second row and 40.4 inches of headroom in the back. People will feel like they’re right up front. There is an armrest and more cupholders for your comfort.

The back has 52.1 cubic feet of space for cargo. The seats fold down to make a flat floor in the back. There are many places to put things, and one of them is a hidden 2nd-row compartment.

Trim Levels

From a trim level perspective, the XL and XLT trims can be put on any cab. The Lariat comes with both the SuperCab and the Crew Cab, but the higher-end trims only come with the Crew Cab. This includes the Limited, King Ranch, and Platinum.

Many shoppers are surprised to learn that these six trim levels are also available for the F-450. F Series trucks have features, technologies, and comforts that are more like those of the F150 than ever before.

Medium earth gray vinyl or cloth seats are in XL trucks. In the cockpit, there are two screens. WiFi is available, and a camera in the back is built in. The F250 and F350 come with all three sizes of cabins, while the Ford F450 comes with either the regular or Crew Cab.

XLT Super Duty

The XLT trim is a great value because it has more technology, more comforts, and more of the options that make Ford trucks so popular. For example, the 2023 Super Duty XLT has an automatic emergency brake and a forward collision warning. It also has BLIS, a high-tech system for avoiding blind spots.

Towing is made easier by XLT features like trailer sway control, a trailer brake controller, and the Smart Trailer Tow Connector, which is not available on other trucks. Convex tow mirrors can be extended, folded, and heated by electricity. This is the first trim that can get the unique Ford Pro Trailer Backup Assist and the exclusive Ford trailer tow camera system.

BoxLink locking cleats also make it easier to move things. This high-end feature is made to hold heavy loads in place and is extra strong. There are also more 110V/400W outlets and a SecuriCode keypad for extra convenience.

A standard 8-way power-adjustable driver’s seat makes long days behind the wheel more comfortable. Plus XLT seats are made of high-quality cloth, and the floors are carpeted to match. In addition to the touch screen on the dashboard, a larger color screen for the driver has been added. This truck has a SecuriCode keypad and can be opened without a key.

The Lariat Super Duty

The Baja color scheme inside the Super Duty Lariat cabin is well-known. Some high-quality parts are the tarnished metal appliques and the micro-perforated leather upholstery. There is an 8-way power chair for the people in the front. The high-end sound system is a B&O professional set-up with 10 speakers.

The Lariat is an even better place for the driver because it has pedals that can be moved by power and a chair that can be moved 10 different ways. A new 8-inch LCD screen has been added behind the steering wheel. This LCD screen is even more useful because it shows information about towing and going off-road. The Ford F250 and F350 Lariats come with either the Super Cab or the Super Crew Cab. The Ford F450 Lariat, on the other hand, only comes with the Crew Cab.

This trim is made to help the driver with everyday tasks, towing, and hauling even more. Trailer hitch receivers and an integrated brake controller are part of the equipment. It has auto-folding, Power-Scope side mirrors and fog lights to help the driver see better in more situations. The back window can now be moved by power. A chrome step bar with sharp edges helps you get in and out of the cab. With a reverse sensor, it’s easier to park.

Top Trim Levels

You should look closely at the King Ranch, Platinum, or Limited trim levels to get the most out of the Crew Cab’s space. It’s great that the Ford F250, F350, and F450 all come with these.

The cabins of these 2023 Super Duty trucks are beautiful and come with the highest quality materials. Kingsville antique-effect leather gives the high-end King Ranch Super Duty truck a rich, worn look. Panels with wood grain add to the theme. This is the first trim level to come with ventilated front seats as standard, which may be the most important thing for Phoenix, AZ.

The best thing about the 2023 Super Duty Platinum models is that they come in a dark marsala color and have leather with tiny holes in it. These have Ford’s unique multicontour seats. Even on a busy day behind the wheel, drivers can use massage functions.

From the Miko suede on the ceiling to the Dark Ash Wood, the Limited has the best materials. The Admiral Blue and Light Slate interior of the 2022 model got a lot of attention for how beautiful and unique it was. Earnhardt Ford offers competitive financing, and you can choose the trim you want.

Packages for off-roading and the Super Duty Tremor

Ford makes the F Series more ready to go off-road every year. Super Duty trucks have a high ground clearance even when they don’t have four-wheel drive.

The FX4 package adds skid plates and specially tuned shocks to XLT models. The 4×4 drivetrain is better than other trucks this size because it can handle different terrains. Hill Descent Control slows the car down when it’s going downhill and keeps the transmission from getting too rough.

The Tremor off-road package can be added to the top trims of the F-250 and F-350. It has 35-inch wheels to make it taller. There are now more off-road settings for managing the terrain, including a Rock Crawl mode. Ford Trail Control is like Cruise Control, but it only works at slow speeds off-road. Tremor models can cross up to 33 inches of water because they have high ground clearance and parts that don’t get wet.

Connectivity for both work and play

Ford has more ways than ever to connect. It’s more like a tablet because you can pinch to zoom on the 8-inch touch screen. SiriusXM connectivity, the Apple CarPlay interface, and the Android Auto interface all work with Sync. The 12-inch touchscreen makes connections faster and has a navigation system built in.

For the first time, there is a 5G WiFi hotspot in a heavy duty truck. With FordPass Connect, the owner can use an app to check the car’s mileage, gas level, and other information. It works like a remote starter and helps the driver cool down the car on a hot day in Phoenix, AZ.

Available Trailer Navigation can show you the best way to go based on the size of the trailer you’re pulling. Camera systems can show in real time what is going on around the truck. The blind spot system can keep an eye on a 33-foot trailer, making travel safer. The payload can be measured with on-board scales.

Check out what we have. Earnhardt Ford has the options you want, from the Ford 250 XL regular cab to the F450 Limited. Our staff knows how to help you figure out which truck configuration will work best for your needs.

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