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2022 BMW i3 Price in Pakistan, Images, Reviews & Specs

The 2022 BMW I3 has the equivalent of 170 horsepower. It could reach 60 miles with an hour of speed in seven seconds. The top speed is 93 mph. It’s not Tesla however, it’s bound to finish the job. The car is also an improvement in battery life. It can travel for nearly 100 miles using the power of electricity perhaps in its ECO Pro mode (there are various pressure settings as well as Comfort as well as ECO Pro).

A further 34 horsepower engine, 650cc, can double the range. It requires approximately three hours to run using the 220-volt line. This i3 Extender version is a range Extender version comes using a tiny gasoline engine (additionally attached to back of vehicle with the electrical motor). The engine functions as a backup, in a sense, as soon when the battery’s power is diminished. It appears that it will be more agile than the competition as well as it is the Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt.

2022 BMW i3

2022 BMW I3 Car Variants Price List

BMW i3 cost is 15,434,200 PKR (i3 REX) in Pakistan(avg. ex-showroom price). BMW i3 is available in 0 variations (ex-showroom price).


2022 BMW i3 is a highly efficient and top-performing electric vehicle. It is powered by 170hp and can travel as fast as 50 miles within just seven seconds. there is BMW i3 has top speed of up to 93 mph. The BMW i3 has three drive options, including Comfort, ECO Pro and ECO Pro+. It also comes with a long battery longevity. When powered by electricity, BMW i3 can run approximately 100 on the electric power rpm in with ECO Pro+ Mode.

Furthermore it is worth noting that this 2022 BMW i3 has 34-horsepower and a 650cc engine, which boosts its efficiency. The battery is able to be charged with 220V in only three hours. This BMW i3 Range Extender Model is powered by a gasoline-powered 2-cylinder engine, which is located in its rear end of the vehicle along with an electric motor. When the battery has been depleted the engine is used as backup. The most prominent rivals to the BMW i3 are the Nissan Leaf, Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid and Chevrolet Volt. Its weight of 2,700 pounds is light in comparison to the other. It is the BMW i3 has flat ion battery that is located on the floor and is balanced as other models in the BMW fleet. It has an ideal 50/50 weight distribution from front to back.

Exterior Design & Features

BMW I3 2022 price in Pakistan

The Exterior of the i3 Rex is gorgeous and is a blend of two colors, where black is the only option, but overall it’s heavier than Suzuki Swift, and has dimensions of 3999mm in length, 1755 millimeters of width and 1578 millimeters in height, with an overall wheelbase of 2570mm. The exterior includes auto headlamps and halogen fog lamps and beautiful 19-inch alloy wheels that come standard, with 20-inch wheels that are available.

Interior Design and Features

Interior Design of Bmw i3

It’s a compact vehicle that is ideal for urban driving. It has extremely comfortable front seats, however rear seat passengers are at risk due to its tiny dimensions. The interior is beautifully designed using recyclable materials and the cabin is spacious and airy feel. The rear doors are tiny and there’s no from the rear and front doors, while the rear doors open in the opposite direction. The interior is spacious and with the an expansive moon’s roof appears more large inside. When you fold the back seats, it creates lots of space where 14 suites cases can easily be fitted.

2022 BMW I3 Car Dimensions

BMW i3 Dimension are as follows.BMW I3 length is 3999mm and width is 1775 millimeters and height is 1578 millimeters and the wheelbase is 2570 millimeters. Knowing the i3 dimensions, you can be able to clearly comprehend the size that is BMW i3. 

Dimensions in mm
Length 3999 mm
Width 1775 mm
Height 1578 mm
Wheelbase 2570 mm
KerbWeight 1315 KG
Ground Clearance

About BMW Car

Are you looking for BMW cars in Pakistan ? You’re at the right spot. On this page, we have provided every BMW cars along with their cost list. It also gives you the price on the road for every model available in your region.

I3 is a well-known automobile manufacturer across the world, including Pakistan. BMW cars are expensive. BMW began offering cars for sale in the year 2004 through The Diwan Group. BMW cars are very popular in Pakistan nowadays because of the changing times.

2022 BMW i3 Specifications

Price PKR lacs
Body Type Hatchback
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 3999 x 1775 x 1578 mm
Ground Clearance
Displacement 647 cc
Transmission Automatic
Horse Power 170 hp
Torque 250 Nm
Boot Space
Kerb Weight 1315 KG
Fuel Type Hybrid
Fuel Tank Capacity 9 L
Seating Capacity 4 – Persons
Top Speed 170 KM/H
Tyre Size 175/55/R19

Safety and Features

BMW i3 has received four-star rating by the European new car assessment program. However, when compared to its competition, the ratings are lower as all of its competitors have a five-star ratings.

Security features on the list

  • 6 airbags
  • ABS Brakes
  • Electronic Stability program
  • Traction control
  • Control of the cruise with adaptive features
  • Good Road grip
  • ISO fix points to passengers in the rear of the seat.
  • Side beams that impact
  • Backup camera
  • Airbag occupancy sensor

Major competitors

Volvo v60 Plug-in Hybrid, Renault Zoe, Nissan Leaf, Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, Chevrolet Bolt, Opel Ampera.


Is there a BMW i3 2022?

The BMW i3 is an electric vehicle from BMW. It was built by the BMW plant in Leipzig from 2012 until 2022. The most distinctive features of the electric car include its distinctive design, the carbon-rich amount of the car and the rear-hinged doors as well as the holistic approach in the selection of the materials that were used.

Is i3 4 seater or 5 seater?

This is also a strictly four-seater that has no seatbelts at the center of the back seat.

Is BMW i3 a luxury car?

The BMW i3 ranks at the lower end of the electric luxury car class. It’s fun and quick to drive, however it’s not quite as efficient as the capacity, range and features standard to its competition.

How much is BMW i3 battery?

The price for an BMW i3 battery replacement is between $290 to $316. The labor costs range between $99 and $125 , while parts cost $191. The range is not inclusive of tax and other fees and is not based the specific year of your model or location.

Is i3 fully electric?

BMW says that it’s i3 will be the world’s first all-electric fully online car, however it is not the first. Tesla Model S has had the full 3G Internet connectivity since 2012.

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