Sazgar Electric Rickshaws With 100 KM Range Booking Start

After looking at how electric cars are changing the country, it’s time to look at how three-wheelers are doing the same. Electric rickshaws made by Pakistan’s largest three-wheeler maker, Sazgar, can now be reserved through the Sazgar app.

The company thinks that it will also save money on gas and other costs of maintenance. Based on the details, it will save Rs. 226,800 a year on gas and Rs. 66,000 a year on maintenance.

Sazgar is a well-known company that makes 3-wheelers. They have started making an electric rickshaw called eVe that can go 100 kilometres on a single charge. Customers can find out more about Booking Sazgar Electric Rickshaws With 100 KM Range.

The company says that eVe will save the consumer around PKR 226,800 per year on fuel and PKR 66,000 on maintenance. This rickshaw has two daytime running lights (DRLs) and ambient lighting. It was made to meet the needs of today.

Sazgar Electric Rickshaws

The eVe has a gear knob that you can turn to change between reverse, neutral, and drive. Each time you turn the knob, it changes between these three modes. To keep up with the digital age, the company has put in electronic odometers, and a USB charging plug is available so that users and passengers can charge their tools and equipment while on the road.

Sazgar has made a textured bench for the driver in eVe, and this same texture is also available in blue for the passengers, giving it a futuristic look.


We have three different price ranges for the three Sazgar eVe versions.

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Battery Range Price
72V, 90Ah, 6.5 Kw/h 100 Km/h Rs.720,000
72V, 125Ah, 9 Kw/h 160 Km/h Rs.825,000
72V, 160Ah, 11.5 Kw/h 210 Km/h Rs.925,000

Style and Design of Sazgar Electric Rickshaws

The 2021 Sazgar eve is a modernize version of our traditional rickshaws. The same size and shape and is made for city travel.

It has perfect modern looks while staying true to the style of a three-wheeler. It has two daytime running lights (DRLs) and ambient lighting. On the other hand, the automatic rational gear knob lets you choose between three ways to drive: backward, neutral, and drive. Also, digital odometers and USB charging ports make it possible for users and passengers to charge their devices, bringing public transportation into the digital age.

Fully Electric Rickshaws

Fully Electric Rickshaws

Power, Transmission and Specs

Sazgar Electric Rickshaws Hamariwheels

The Sazgar eVe has a 2 kWh motor and a 90 Ah (6.5kWh) battery, with a top speed of 90 km/h and a charge time of 4 hours.

Battery Battery 
72V, 90Ah, 6.5 Kw/h 72V, 125Ah, 9 Kw/h 72V, 160Ah, 11.5 Kw/h
Charging Time 4 hours 5 hours 5 hours
Approx Range 100 Km/h 160 Km/h 210 Km/h
Motor 2 Kw/h 3 Kw/h 3 Kw/h
Gross Weight 370 Kg 370 Kg 370 Kg
Front Brake Disc Disc Disc
Rear Brake Disc Disc Disc
Front Suspension Hydraulic Shock Absorption Hydraulic Shock Absorption Hydraulic Shock Absorption
Rear Suspension Leaf Spring Shock Absorber Leaf Spring Shock Absorber Leaf Spring Shock Absorber

The specifications document for this e-rickshaw, which is available on the company’s website, indicates that three battery packs will be available. These numbers were acquired from the Sazgar Company’s official website.

Some unique aspects of Sazgar Electric Rickshaws

  • There are two DRLs.
  • Lighting in the environment
  • Automatic rotation of the gearknob
  • Speedometers that are electronic
  • Handlebar enclosure
  • USB interface
  • Driver and passenger blue-toned bench seats with texture
  • Exterior with contrasting colours
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