Honda S660 Price in Pakistan 2023

The Honda S660 has a 660-cc, three-cylinder engine that puts out 64 hp. This page talks about Honda S660 Price In Pakistan 2023. It is a light sports car with a roadster body.
To meet Kei rules, the Japanese Kei car model would have a 660-cc motor with about 47 kW (63 hp) and 104 Nm (77 lbft) of torque. The Honda S660 is officially a Kei car, which means that it has an engine that is smaller than 660cc and weighs just under 700 kg.

The controls for the S660’s many systems and functions are logically set up and easy to use. They have big, clearly labeled buttons and knobs.The radio and other controls are built into the steering wheel, which is small and sporty. Because the S660 is small, there isn’t much room to store things. There is a small space behind the seats that can hold a few small things, but there is no real trunk.

honda s660 Price in Pakistan

Honda S660 Price in Pakistan 2023

A used Honda S660 costs anywhere from PKR 2,741,900 to PKR 2,741,900 in Pakistan. The price of a Honda S660 in Pakistan depends on the model year, the number of miles driven, the type of car, and how good it is overall.

Variants Price

Honda S660 Alpha

PKR 2,741,900


The Honda S660 is a light sports car with two seats that came out in 2015. It was made to replace the famous Honda Beat, and the Japanese market was the only place it was sold. Since then, car fans all over the world have become more interested in the S660 because of its unique look and great performance.

Exterior Of Honda S660 2023

honda s660

The S660’s body is low to the ground and made to be aerodynamic. It has a short hood and a long, sloping rear deck. The car is 133.7 inches (3,395 mm) long and 58.1 inches (1,480 mm) wide, which gives it a small footprint (1,475 mm). The front of the S660 is made up of a big grille and two LED headlights that are set back in deep, sculpted housings.

On either side of the grille are large air intakes that help direct air into the engine bay. The convertible S660’s cloth top can be raised or lowered with the push of a button. When the top is lowered, it neatly folds into a space behind the seats, keeping the car’s aerodynamic lines.

There are different wheel and tire options for the S660 based on the trim level and market. The tires on the standard 15-inch alloy wheels are 165/55R15 in the front and 195/45R16 in the back.


honda s 660 2023 interior

The S660 is a two-seat convertible with two comfortable bucket seats made of a mix of synthetic leather and cloth. The chairs can’t be changed in terms of their height or angle. They are fixed in place. The S660’s dashboard, which is meant to be clear and simple, has a simple instrument cluster with a digital speedometer and a digital tachometer.

There is also a small screen that shows information about range, fuel efficiency, and other important things. The S660 has a touchscreen infotainment system that lets users do things like play music, find their way around, and connect their smartphones. With big, easy-to-read menus and pictures, the system is pretty simple and easy to use.

Pros And Cons of  Honda S660 2023

  • Full of features
  • Looks Modern on the Outside

  • Good car in its class for this price.

  • Small in size
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  • Costs a lot to keep up.

  • Not enough spare parts

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    S660 comes in five different colors: black, dull yellow, metallic red, metallic white, and sophisticated blue.

    • Black
    • Dull Yellow
    • Metallic Red
    • Metallic White
    • Sophisticated Blue

    Features Of Hondas S660

    There Is Some features Of S660:

    • 659 cc
    • Automatic
    • Petrol
    • 4 Airbags
    • Start Push
    • Driving Modes
    • Climate Control
    • Control of Grip
    • Stability Control for Vehicles
    • DRLs

    Honda S660 Specifications

    Body Type Convertible
    Dimensions 3395 x 1475 x 1180 mm
    Ground Clearance 125 mm
    Displacement 659 cc
    Transmission Automatic
    Horse Power 64 hp
    Torque 77 Nm
    Boot Space 0 L
    Kerb Weight 850 KG
    Fuel Type Petrol
    Mileage 13 – 18 KM/L
    Fuel Tank Capacity 25 L
    Seating Capacity 2 – Persons
    Top Speed 140 KM/H
    Tyre Size 165/55/R15


    People know it’s an imported car, just like you do, so if you want to buy it, contact one of your local import car dealers or the business itself. All of this was on the price list for the 2023 Honda S660 in Pakistan.

    Honda S660 2023 Engine

    The Honda S660 is powered by a three-cylinder, 660cc engine that is mounted in the middle and has one turbocharger. This engine is similar to the one in the Honda N-ONE kei car, but it has been changed so that it can be used in the S660.

    The S660’s engine only makes 64 horsepower and 77 lb-ft of torque, which is less than some other sports cars on the market. Even though the S660 has less power, its curb weight of about 2,100 pounds makes up for it. The engine can be paired with either a six-speed manual transmission or a seven-speed CVT automatic transmission with paddle shifters. A manual transmission is more fun to drive, but a continuously variable transmission (CVT) is easier and better.

    The engine of the S660 is made to be fuel-efficient. The CVT model gets about 47 miles per gallon in combined fuel economy (20 kilometers per liter). Some buyers might not like that the car has a short range because it has a small gas tank.

    Honda s660 Fuel Average

    Honda made a new sports car with a 660cc engine, and people are looking for the average fuel economy of the Honda S660 in Pakistan, which is listed below.

    • Estimate 15 KM

    A version for export or the US market might have a motor like a turbocharged 1.0-liter motor with about 95 kW. (127 hp). Honda is going back to making two-door sports coupes with the release of this car. It will be the smallest model between the bigger Honda CR-Z and the top-of-the-line luxury Honda NSX. The price of Honda S660 in Pakistan is definitely high.


    Even though there are a few other cars that could be seen as competitors, the Honda S660 is a unique sports car that appeals to a very specific market. Here are some examples:

    • Mazda MX-5 Miata
    • Toyota86/Subaru BRZ
    • Fiat 124 Spider
    • Mini Cooper Drop-Top
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