Is MG Finally Launching MG 3 In Pakistan?

MG Javed Afridi, Pakistan’s poster boy, has returned with another teaser clip for an MG automobile. Afridi urged his fans in a video to “predict the MG model and pricing for Pakistan.” The automobile is easy to identify because it is a hatchback with the MG 3 emblem. The black-colored vehicle can be seen driving down the road, displaying both the exterior and interior.

This isn’t the first time Afridi has hinted at MG 3. If you recall, in February 2021, he asked the same question of vehicle enthusiasts, asking them to “suggest the car price.” He even hinted on Twitter that the MG 3 could be priced under Rs. 2 million in Pakistan, which piqued the interest of many.

However, both Afridi and MG Pakistan have remained silent on the matter. There was no update on its import or local assembly, and it was even rumoured that the MG 3 is not in MG Pakistan’s near-future range. So, it appears that the latest one is just another teaser from Afridi, like he has done before.

We do not expect the car to appear in Pakistan anytime soon because the corporation has made no official announcement. Furthermore, the car in the video is a pre-facelift of the MG 3, since MG has released a facelift of this hatchback on the global market. So that’s another reason I’m not enthused about this car.

Mg 3 In Pakistan By Javid Afridi

Their unhappiness with Afridi is justified for three primary reasons.

  • While the government tries to stimulate the sale and purchase of small and inexpensive vehicles in Pakistan, MG has its sights set on the premium vehicle market, and the MG 3 is not cheap.
  • Afridi’s claims are devoid of substance. He recently teased many automobiles for Pakistan, the large bulk of which never made it there.
  • Despite operating in Pakistan for over two years, MG has yet to sell a single domestically produced vehicle. Chery and Haval, who arrived in Pakistan after MG, have already begun local assembly.

Hatchback Of MG 3 In Pakistan

The MG 3 is a subcompact hatchback with a 1500cc engine. In its second generation, the automobile is available on the foreign market. Its 1.5-liter engine is paired with a 5-speed manual transmission and a 4-speed automatic transmission. The vehicle has a sleek appearance and a slew of premium features, including:

  • Control of Cruise
  • 8-inch touchscreen infotainment display
  • Sensors for Rear Parking
  • There are six airbags.
  • Assistance with Emergency Braking
  • Control of the Hill
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring Device (TYPS)

What do you think of Javed Afridi’s new teaser? Will MG ever bring the MG 3 to Pakistan? Let us know what you think in the comments area

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