Pak Suzuki Introduced Suzuki Swift GL CVT Limited Edition

Pak Suzuki launched the all-new Suzuki Swift GL CVT in January of this year. according to the company, it has been a hit. According to a statement from Suzuki it is the “Swift market share and popularity has been growing continuously and is making it a more prominent brand in the current premium segment of customers.”

The company added that Swift has Swift has surpassed 8,000 units sold since its introduction. “Customer choices and valuable feedback are extremely valuable for product’s development. This time , we’re going to launch Suzuki Swift Limited Edition GL CVT,” the company said.

Suzuki Swift GL CVT Hamariwheels

Pak Suzuki has added a new type of Suzuki Swift to its stock in Pakistan. The new model, called the GL-CVT Limited Edition, is only available for a short time and has a few more features than the regular GL CVT model.
There are two extra things on the Limited Edition Swift GL CVT. The first is a Center Arm Rest, and the second is a Rear Top Spoiler. The new model’s price has gone up by Rs 30,000 because it now has these features. The price of a regular GL CVT is PKR 34.20 lac, while the price of a GL CVT Limited Edition is PKR 34.50 lac.

Suzuki Swift GL CVT Limited Edition

In this limited edition, the following are the additional features

  • Rear Top Spoiler
  • Centre Arm rest
  • There is no enhancement in power is required, rather these features are added to boost the style that this car has.

Suzuki Swift GL CVT Limited Edition Price in Pakistan

Suzuki has declared that the retail price is at Rs. 3,450,000. This includes the factory cost and freight costs. For comparison, the ex-factory cost for Suzuki Swift GL is 340,000 rupees. 3,420,000, excluding freight costs. This means that there isn’t any difference between the two versions.

Variant Price (PKR)
Swift GL M/T 3,180,000
Swift GL CVT 3,420,000
Swift GL CVT Limited Edition 3,450,000
Swift GLX CVT 3,760,000

Pictures of Suzuki Swift GL CVT

Here are exclusive images of this brand new model with additional features.

Suzuki Swift GL CVT Arm rest

Suzuki Swift GL CVT hamariwheels

Suzuki Swift GL CVT Rear Spoiler

Suzuki Swift GL CVT Rear Spoiler Hamariwheels

The first modification will improve the driving comfort since the arm rests make it easier to drive over long distances. The spoiler, however, will only be an aesthetic to an exterior design of the vehicle. It’s interesting to note that it’s not the first model to be that has been introduced from Suzuki in one of its vehicles.

New Variant of Suzuki Alto

In the last month, Suzuki launched the brand new Suzuki Alto VXR. According to the company, the new model has two brand-new features to provide “comfortable and a comfortable driving experience.” The new features that were added to the hatchback include:

  • Auto Gear Shift (AGS)
  • Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)


The company also announced the retail price at which it will be available for the latest model. According to this company’s announcement, the cost for this vehicle is the equivalent of Rs. 2,120,000. “The retail price includes of freight costs,” the company announced.

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