ZXMCO ZX 70 City Rider Price in Pakistan 2023

The ZXMCO ZX 70 2023 City Rider is a very competitive 70cc bike on the market. The engine in the ZXMCO ZX 70 City Rider is a Euro 2 model, and the ride is smooth. It has a stylish appearance and is comfortable to ride. The 70CC Thunder Plus is another option for ZXMCO’s 70cc bikes.

ZXMCO was started in 2004. At the time, it was importing parts for cars from China. The company then set up an assembly plant in Pakistan. In a short amount of time, it built a network of a large market and won a number of awards. It is a Chinese company that has sold a wide range of motorcycles that are known for being affordable.

It’s different from City Rider because it looks and sounds like a heavy bike with an aggressive headlight. This City Rider has a good name in the car market, and its low price is one of the things that makes it so popular. People who can’t afford the expensive, well-known bikes can buy this Chinese bike instead of taking public transportation every day. zxmco 70cc price in pakistan 2023

The ZXMCO ZX City Rider 2023  can be started with a kick and has four gears that work well. ZXMCO 70 has great performance, and its Euro II engine works well to give you a great ride. The ZXMCO 70 City Rider is cheap and lasts a long time.

Zxmco 70 Price in Pakistan 2023 Hamariwheels

Zxmco 70cc price in pakistan 2023

The cost of ZXMCO ZX 70 City Rider right now in Pakistan is

Variants Price In Pakistan
ZXMCO ZX 70 City Rider 2023 PKR 88,500


About the ZXMCO ZX 70 City Rider 2023 ZXMCO is a company that makes motorcycles. They have made a new Chinese model called the “city rider,” which has attracted the most customers because of its shape, mileage, and other features.

This motorbike gives companies tough competition because its price is in the middle of the range, and there are some people who can’t afford to buy more expensive motorbikes. This bike has the same features as RAVI, Eagle, Road Prince, and more, but it also has an engine and suspension.

The ZXMCO 70 City Rider has four solid gears that can bring the speed up to 90 km/hr. The ZXMCO ZX 70 city rider has a front disk brake and a self-starting system that other 70cc models don’t have. this motor bike is added with crystal headlight light, indicators, rear brakes of ZXMCO ZX 70 city rider to increase the stylish look of the motor bike.

Pros And Cons Of ZXMCO 70 City Rider 2023

  • Awesome Build Quality
  • Inexpensive

  • Powerful Engine

  • Same Basic Shape
  • Unsteady at High Speeds

Exterior And Design

ZXMCO ZX 70 City Rider 2023 Price in Pakistan Hamariwheels

The ZXMCO ZX City Rider has a stylish appearance, that attracts every customer. It measures 1897 millimeters in length, 751 millimeters in width, and 1014 millimeters in height. It weighs 82 kg when it is empty and has a ground clearance of 135 mm.

The seat is made so that it fits the rider’s body well, and it is high enough that the rider can put his feet on the ground when he stops at a signal.

Its seat is made to be comfortable enough to ride for long distances, and there is enough room for a passenger to sit comfortably on the back of the rider.

The front has a crystal headlamp that enlightens the dark roads. The rear brakes and indicators enhance its beauty.

The handle bars are sturdy, so you can hold on to them firmly, and the speedometer is stylish and easy to read. The new ZXMCO ZX City Rider looks even better with the new graphic stickers that were added to it.

Colors Of  Zxmco 70cc

ZXMCO ZX 70 City Rider is available in 2 different colours

  • Black
  • Red

Features Of Zxmco 70cc

  • Graphics with style
  • Engine is strong and seat is comfortable.
  • Easier to use, normal price
  • The front and back lights are both bright and strong.
  • Good battery for timing.
  • Outclass fuel millage
  • Long-Lasting Tyre


Dimension 1897 x 751 x 1014 mm
Displacement 70 cc
Clutch Wet Type Multi-Plate
Transmission 4-speed
Horsepower 6.0 HP @ 7000.0 RPM
Torque 8.0 Nm @ 6000.0 RPM
Bore & Stroke 47.0 x 41.4 mm
Compression Ratio 8.8:1
Petrol Capacity 10L
Fuel Average 50.0 KM/L
Starting Kick Start
Top Speed 80 KM/H
Dry Weight 82KG
Frame Backbone Type
Ground Clearance 135mm
Wheel Size 17 in
Tyre at Back 2.50 – 17
Tyre at Front 2.25 – 2.25

Zxmco ZX 70 City Rider Bike Highlights

The ZX 70 City Rider is the ZXMCO bike in Pakistan that costs the least. The people Zxmco ZX 70 City Rider is meant for are mostly from all over Pakistan. Service costs for the Zxmco ZX 70 City Rider are very low, which is why this bike is so popular all over the country.

In Pakistan, the ZX 70 City Rider bike costs Rs. 88,500. This bike has a 4-Stroke, Single Cylinder, Air-Cooled engine. This bike starts with a kick. The fuel tank on this bike can hold 10 L of gas. The size of this bike’s engine is 70 cc. This bike weighs 82 KG.

Engine & Performance

ZX 70 City Rider Engine Hamariwheels

Engine 4-Stroke Single Cylinder Air Cooled

The ZXMCO ZX City Rider is powered by a single-cylinder, 4-stroke, air-cooled Euro II engine with an 8:8:1 compression ratio. It has a smooth ride and a transmission with four speeds. The front brake on the ZXMCO ZX 70 is a disc brake that stops the bike in a smooth way.

It has a self-starting system that gets the bike going in no time. We have to tell you that no other 70cc bikes on the market have self-starting technology. It also has a good suspension system, which makes it easy to ride over bumps. It has a soft multi-plate wet clutch that works well.

This bike  has a good ride, and the shock absorbers make it even more comfortable. The seat is comfortable, so the bike can be ridden for long distances without being uncomfortable. It has a frame that looks like a backbone, which makes the bike strong.

Mileage & Top Speed

The ZXMCO ZX City Rider has a 9-liter fuel tank and gets 45–55 km/L per liter, which is a very good fuel economy.

ZXMCO ZX City Rider gets great gas mileage, which makes it better than its competitors. The ZXMCO ZX City Rider can go as fast as 95 kilometers per hour, and even at this speed, the ride is still good.

Fuel tank Capacity 9-liter
Fuel Economy 45–55 km/L
Top Speed 95 kilometers per hour


About Zxmco Bike

Are you looking for the price of Zxmco motorcycles in Pakistan? You’ve come to the right place. On this page, we have a list of all the models of Zxmco motorcycles and how much they cost. You can also find out how much any model costs to drive in your area.

In Pakistan, Zxmco Motorcycles is a well-known bike company. In August 2004, Zxmco Motorcycles Company opened for business. Then, they started making motorcycles by building a state-of-the-art factory in Lahore.

Zxmco Motorcycles are long-lasting, cheap, and comfortable. They are used to move customers. Prices for Zxmco motorcycles range from PKR 40,500 to PKR 425,000. Check out to see how much Zxmco bikes cost and what their specs are.

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