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Suzuki GR 150 2023 Price in Pakistan Features & Specs

Here is the Suzuki GR150 price in Pakistan 2023, along with pictures of its features, top speed, and fuel use. A few days ago, Suzuki Motor Pakistan made an announcement about its new Suzuki Gr 150 model. It’s turning out to be nothing but a beautiful piece of machinery. Yamaha’s designs have often been just as sporty as Suzuki’s in general, just like their old models. Suzuki’s new Gr 150 model in Pakistan has been set up with some of the newest and most exciting new features. It would get you involved with the two-wheeler setting, which is one of the most popular parts of the new 125cc engine category.

The company has been giving out specifications that are ultimately rich in the advance and finishing riding mode timeline. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Suzuki dealer in Pakistan has made a name for themselves in a short amount of time since they opened their business in Pakistan.

The Suzuki GR 150 is a high-end 150cc motorcycle made by Suzuki’s Chinese subsidiary. It came out in Pakistan in 2017. It works and looks better than the Suzuki GS150SE. Pak Suzuki has been selling 44,000 units of the GR 150 every year. The Suzuki GR 150 is one of the most popular 150cc bikes on the market because it looks good and rides well. It has a four-stroke Euro II engine, which is very durable.

2023 Suzuki GR150 Pakistan Hamariwheels

Suzuki GR 150 2023 Price In Pakistan

People can also see the price of the Suzuki GR 150 below the table. All models from the Suzuki company now cost more than they used to.

Variant Price In Pakistan
Suzuki GR 150 2023 PKR 451,000

Overview Of Suzuki GR 150 2023

Suzuki motorcycles are made in Pakistan by Pak Suzuki Motors. Since 2018, this brand has been making 44,000 motorcycles each year in Pakistan. On December 5, 2017, the company put its new Suzuki GR 150 on the local market in Pakistan.
Consumers say that this bike is their favorite because it has advanced features, is durable, and looks good. This bike’s design is aerodynamic, it’s a good competitor, and it has strong suspension so you can ride smoothly on all kinds of roads, even rough ones. This bike is different from its competitors and is thought to be a little bit more expensive.

User Reviews

The Suzuki GR 150 gets high marks for style, comfort, and speed. Most people are happy with how the Suzuki GR 150 works because it stays stable even at high speeds and is comfortable. In terms of speed and comfort, they thought it was better than the Suzuki 150 SE. The Suzuki GR 150 looks good and gets a lot of customers because of it. The bike has a good distance from the ground, and its metal frame makes it more reliable. Spare parts are easy to find on the market, so users don’t have to worry about repairs. They only have trouble with how much gas they use and how much they cost.

Exterior Design

Suzuki GR 150 2023 Hamari wheels

The bike is finished with shock absorbers so that it can be driven over rough roads. It has all come out with the single-cylinder 4-stroke as the covering.

It has been set up as an extra 125cc engine with an overhead camshaft. Its engine has a range of 13 litters, which helps it get better gas mileage than most cars. The bike has a 5-speed transmission that took a lot of work to finish. The company has made stair-shaped seats that are comfortable and easy to use on long trips. Strong suspensions make it easy to ride over bumpy roads. The GR 150 is more durable because its frame is strong.

2055 millimeters long, 750 millimeters wide, and 1075 millimeters tall. It has at least 165 millimeters of ground clearance, which makes it stable on bumpy roads. It weighs 133 kilograms all together and has a 1310 mm wheelbase. With new graphic stickers, the aerodynamic fuel tank looks even better, and the 765-millimeter-high seat is not only comfortable but also made in a way that makes it easy and safe for riders to ride. Two meters are mounted in front of the rider. One of the meters shows digital gears, and the other shows how much fuel has been used.

Pros And Cons

Pros & Cons

  • Strong Engine
  • The ride was comfortable.

  • Suspension Soft

  • Seat that is soft and comfortable

  • Small shaking at high speed

  • High Speed, Low Mileage
  • Expensive

  • Not every mechanic can help with repairs.


The Suzuki GR 150 comes in two colours: black and red.

  • Black
  • Red


The new Suzuki GR 150 has strong suspensions and a strong frame that make the ride smoother. It has alloy wheels and a disc brake in front to make it more stable. It has a self-starter system that makes it easy to get going, and it also has a traditional kick starter. The front wheel of the GR 150 has a telescopic suspension system, and the back wheel has a swing arm suspension system.

The front headlight of the Suzuki GR 150 is a valve type, and the back light is also a valve type. It has a digital gear indicator and a digital fuel gauge, but the speedometer and tachometer are analogue. The GR 150 is also different because it has a 5-speed gear transmission system.

  • There is a 150cc Engine and an 8 Speed Gear in it.
  • It is the newest design that is aerodynamic and sleek.
  • This will go through the front brake disc and the fuel gauge.
  • It starts all by itself.

 Highlights Of Suzuki GR 150 2023

The GR 150 is the Suzuki bike that costs the least in Pakistan. GR 150 is mostly meant for people all over Pakistan. Service costs for the GR 150 are very low, which makes this bike very popular all over the country.

In Pakistan, the Suzuki GR 150 bike costs Rs 451,000.

This bike has a 4 Stroke, Air-Cooled, SOHC engine. This bike’s engine size is 149.5 cc. This bike can be started by both kicking and pushing. This bike’s engine has 1 cylinders. This bike gets 55 Kmpl per gallon.

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Suzuki GR 150 Ride & Handling

The Suzuki GR 150 is smooth and comfortable to ride, and it is easy to control. It works very well because it has the right amount of power for its weight and a good grip. The strong suspensions soak up most shocks so that it’s easier to ride on roads with bumps.



Type of Engine 4-Stroke, OHC, Air-cooled
How many cylinders it has 1
Displacement 149
Bore X Stroke 57.0 x 58.6
Starter System Electric and Kicking
Type of Spark Plug CDI


Fuel Capacity 12.5 L
Number of Seats 2 persons


Suspension Front Oil Damped, Coil Spring, and Telescopic
Rear Suspension Swing-Arm, Coil Spring, Oil-Dampened Spring Preloaded 5-Way Adjustable
Tires Front 2.5-17 4 PR
Tires-Back 2.75-17 4 PR


Transmission 5-speed


Overall Length 1900
Overall Width 750
Overall Height 1050
Wheelbase 1215
Minimum Ground Clearance 140
Dry Wright 108
Wheel Type Alloy

Suzuki GR 150 Fuel Average

Most people want to know how much fuel the Suzuki GR 150 uses on average because they’ve heard that, compared to other motorcycles, this one doesn’t do as well. Now, this bike can go 27 KM on 1 liter of gasoline.

Fuel Average 27 KM on 1 liter

Suzuki GR 150 Battery Size

People think about the size of the battery when they see this bike, but it starts itself. So the size of the battery in a Suzuki GR 150 is usually the same as in other bikes. But now, this company is making this bike with dry batteries so that people can use it for a long time.

Battery Size  7AH -12V


Suzuki GR 150 has reasonable resale value in the Pakistani market.


In the Pakistani market, the bike goes up against the Honda CB 150F. The CB 150F is a strong competitor because it has many of the same features as the GR 150 and costs less. In Pakistan, the Honda CB 150F has a better resale value, and it competes well with bikes from other companies. When you look at how the outside looks, how comfortable it is, and how much gas it uses, the Suzuki GR 150 is better than the Honda CB 150F.


The bike has been shown from the point of view of the self-start button, and a kick-start option has also been added. This feature is great for bike riders who do want to take a break and stretch their legs. With a wheelbase of 1385 mm, it also lets you get the most out of your wheels. The bike as a whole is made up of the free-flow exhaust and other parts. People who want to buy this bike can easily look here to see all of its features and specs. This year, the price in Pakistan 2023 is a little bit higher than usual for a number of reasons.

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