This Is How Much A 1958 Plymouth Fury Is Worth Today

The Chrysler Corporation made the Plymouth Fury from 1956 to 1989. The name was used on both mid-size and full-size cars and was used for a total of 34 years. But this classic car started out small. From 1956 to 1958, the Fury was just a smaller version of the Plymouth Belvedere. In 1958, only 5,303 Plymouth Fury cars were made.

Even though these fast two-door cars from the 1950s looked great with their fins, the 1958 Plymouth Fury seemed doomed to be the car that time forgot. Then, in 1983, the Plymouth Fury came back to life. The 1958 Plymouth Fury was chosen to be the evil, possessed car in the movie version of Stephen King’s book Christine, which was made by John Carpenter.

1958 plymouth fury

Collectors all over the world now look for 1958 Plymouth Fury cars, just like the main character Arnie Cunningham sees the beauty in an old car that has been left behind. Find out how much a 1958 Plymouth Fury is worth today by reading on.

This story has been updated with new information and how much the famous 1958 Plymouth Fury will be worth in 2023. We also check in on the car from the movie Christine and try to figure out what its modern spiritual successor might be.

1958 Plymouth Fury Is Worth Today

The 1958 Plymouth is a legendary car that has won the hearts and thoughts of both car fans and fans of pop culture. Its smooth, angular body, unique grille and taillights, and range of bright colors have made it a symbol of American car style. But what is a 1958 Plymouth Fury worth right now? Let’s look more closely.

First, it’s important to know that the value of a 1958 Plymouth Fury can vary a lot, based on things like the car’s condition, rarity, history, and original features. For example, a 1958 Plymouth Fury that is in great shape, has all its original parts, and hasn’t been driven much can sell for a lot at an auction or a private sale. On the other hand, a 1958 Plymouth Fury that is rusty, broken, or has been greatly changed may be worth much less.

Recent figures say that a 1958 Plymouth Fury that is in good shape is worth between $30,000 and $50,000 on average. But this can be different for each model and set of traits. For example, a 1958 Plymouth Fury with a Golden Commando V8 engine, which was a rare choice at the time, can get a higher price. In the same way, a 1958 Plymouth Fury convertible, of which there were only a few hundred made, can be worth a lot more than a hardtop or car.

Interior Of 1958 plymouth fury

Interior Of 1958 plymouth fury

The 1958 Plymouth is a classic car with a special past and meaning. The interior design and features of this car are one of the things that make it stand out. They were made to make the driver and passengers feel luxurious and comfortable.

The 1958 Plymouth Fury has a stylish dashboard with a big speedometer and a number of other gauges and buttons. The steering wheel is also made to be comfy and easy to hold. The horn button in the middle makes it easy to find.

The Plymouth Fury’s seats are also made to be comfortable, with wide bench seats that can fit up to six people. The furniture comes in many different colors and materials, such as vinyl and cloth, with stylish trim and piping.

Inside the 1958 Plymouth Fury, there are a number of features that were ahead of their time in terms of technology and innovation. These include air conditioning, power windows, and power seats, which let the driver and passengers change their positions for maximum comfort.

One special thing about the 1958 Plymouth Fury is that buyers could change it in a lot of different ways. This included different internal color schemes, upholstery materials, and accessory packages that let owners personalize their Plymouth Fury and show off their own style.

The 1958 Plymouth Fury’s interior had a big effect on car design, American society, and pop culture. It’s been in a lot of movies, TV shows, and music videos, and it still inspires car owners and fans all over the world.

Overall, the 1958 Plymouth Fury’s interior is a big part of its past and importance. It shows how cars looked and how they worked in the late 1950s. It also shows how much people valued luxury and comfort at the time.

Historical context and design features

Give some historical background on the 1958 Plymouth Fury, such as the market trends, technical advances, and cultural factors that affected its design and production.

Describe the 1958 Plymouth Fury’s most important design elements, such as its sleek and sharp body shape, its unique grille and taillights, and its bold color choices.

Exterior Of 1958 plymouth fury


The 1958 Plymouth Fury is a classic car that was made during a time when there was a lot of change and progress in the car business. The Plymouth Fury has a bold, modern design on the outside that was ahead of its time. This is one of the things that make it stand out and make it easy to recognize.

The front of the 1958 Plymouth Fury has a unique grille and bumper with a shape called a “jet pod” that comes from the aircraft business. The headlights are part of the bumper and are placed at an angle, which makes the car look aggressive and fast.

The Plymouth Fury’s body is also made to be smooth and aerodynamic. It is long and low, which shows off its sporty and stylish lines. The back of the car has tail fins that are typical of cars from the late 1950s. The taillights are shaped like rockets, which gives the car a future look.

The 1958 Plymouth Fury had a unique look, and it also had a number of modern features and technologies. With power steering, power brakes, and an automatic transmission, these features made driving the Plymouth Fury easy and fun.

Overall, the 1958 Plymouth Fury’s form from the outside shows how creative and innovative car designers were in the late 1950s. It’s a standard example of American car culture, and it’s still a well-known and loved classic car model that car fans and collectors all over the world look to for ideas.

Performance and engineering

Tell me about the 1958 Plymouth Fury’s engine choices, horsepower, torque, and acceleration, as well as its other technical specs and how it performs.

Talk about the 1958 Plymouth Fury’s innovations and improvements in engineering, such as its suspension system, brakes, transmission, and fuel economy.

Cultural significance and legacy

Look at how the 1958 Plymouth Fury has been used in movies, TV shows, and music, as well as how it has influenced the style of cars and popular culture.

Find out what the 1958 Plymouth Fury has meant to car collectors, restoration projects, and antique car shows over the years.

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In the beginning, these Fury cars only came in one color. 1956 and 1957, Plymouth Furys were white two-door hardtops with gold-colored tops. In 1958, they were brown like buckskin. This first version of Plymouth Fury was a special trim level of the Belvedere that sold for around $2,900 and up.

Because of this, the Fury had a unique interior, bumper wing guards, and a 240-hp V8 engine. The 1957 model was longer and wider than the 1956 model. The fins on the 1957 car were also higher.

engine 1958 Plymouth Fury

The Golden Commando 350-cubic-inch high-performance engine was available in 1958 cars. Plymouth would keep using this engine name until the 1970s. Plymouth put two four-barrel carburetors on the base model 350s. This gave them 305 hp.

Customers of this American classic car could choose an electronic fuel-injection system from Bendix that was listed for 315 horsepower. The factory had to return the Bendix system, so these cars were given carburetors instead. Automatic transmissions in the 1958 Fury could be controlled by buttons on the dash.

The 1958 Plymouth Fury Enters The Film Industry As “The Possessed Car”

The 1958 Plymouth Fury is a famous car that has had a big effect on popular culture. One of the best examples of this is that it was used in the movie “The Possessed Car.”

In the 1983 horror movie “Christine,” the Plymouth Fury is the main character. It is a car that is possessed by a devil and causes trouble for everyone it meets. The car’s appearance in the movie helped to make it a pop culture icon and made owners and car fans more interested in it.

In reality, the car in the movie was a mix of several different kinds, including a copy and a stunt car. But the people who made the movie went to great lengths to make sure the car kept the unique look and features of the 1958 Plymouth Fury.

Since it was in the movie “Christine,” the 1958 Plymouth has been a much-loved classic car that owners and car fans are always looking for. Its use in movies has only added to its appeal and made it an even more recognizable part of American car history.


The 1958 Plymouth is a famous car that has left an indelible mark on both pop culture and the history of cars. It stood out from other cars of the time because of its unique look and high-tech features. Which helped to make it an American icon.

The car’s appearance in the movie “The Possessed Car” added to its cultural importance and made collectors and car fans become more interested in the car. Today, the 1958 Plymouth is still a much-loved classic car. Its unique design and place in automotive history continue to impress and fascinate those who respect it.


What was the year that the 1958 Plymouth Fury was made?

For the 1958 model year, the Plymouth Fury was made.

What was different about the way the 1958 Plymouth Fury was made?

The 1958 Plymouth Fury was known for its unique “jet pod” grille, which had a piece in the middle that looked like an air intake for a jet engine. It also had a slanted roof and tail fins, both of which were common on cars in the late 1950s.

What did the 1958 Plymouth Fury’s engine look like?

There were several engine choices for the 1958 Plymouth, including a 290-horsepower, 5.2-liter V8 engine.

How many types of the 1958 Plymouth were made?

About 5,300 1958 Plymouth Furys were made, which makes it a somewhat rare and highly sought-after collector’s car.

Where did the idea for the 1958 Plymouth come from?

The Space Race of the late 1950s was a big influence on the 1958 Plymouth Fury’s design. The car’s “jet pod” grille and futuristic look showed the joy and hope of the time.

How much would you pay for a 1958 Plymouth today?

The worth of a 1958 Plymouth depends on things like how good it is. How rare it is  and how much it has been use. But as of 2023. A fully repaired model can cost anywhere between $60,000 and over $100,000.

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