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Toyota Mark X Price in Pakistan, Reviews & Specs

The Toyota Mark X 2023 is a great addition to the car market because it has a lot to offer for a low price and is reliable and fuel-efficient. The inside is both comfortable and stylish. Find out the most up-to-date information about the features and price of the Mark X 2023 in Pakistan. Find out how many seats the Mark X has, how powerful its engine is, and how much gas it uses.

Toyota Japan makes the mid-size executive car called the Mark. Here you can find the Mark X Price in Pakistan 2023. It was made with the idea of making a sporty, stylish, rear-wheel-drive sedan that makes driving more fun. It comes with headlights that have three lamps and a rear bumper that is built in. The interior of the Mark X Price in Pakistan 2023 has LED lights, Bluetooth, a stereo speaker system, and a lot more.

Toyota Mark X

Toyota Mark X Price in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the price of a used Toyota Mark X ranges from PKR 2,730,000 to PKR 9,840,000. Toyota Mark X prices in Pakistan depend on the model year, the number of miles driven, the type of car, and how good it is overall.
Also, this car doesn’t look as nice as other luxury cars, but the inside is much nicer than other luxury cars.

Mark X 250 G Four PKR 3,100,000
Mark X 250 G L Package PKR 2,600,000
Mark X 250G PKR 2,550,000
Toyota Mark X 250G F Package PKR 2,750,000
Toyota Mark X 250G F Package Smart Edition PKR 2,780,000
Mark X 250G Four Black Leather Limited PKR 8,500,000
Mark X 250G Four Black Limited PKR 2,730,000
Mark X 250G Relax Selection Black Leather Limited PKR 6,500,000


In October 2009, the second generation of Mark X cars hit the market. The exterior of the 2nd Generation Mark X was redesigned and made to look much more aggressive than the 1st Generation Mark X. Since it is built on the same platform as the Lexus GS, it is one of the few Toyota sedans with rear-wheel drive. Most people think of the Mark X as a car for people who want the size and practicality of a Camry but also want the benefits of RWD or AWD.

One of the more well-known Toyota models is the Mark X. People want to stay informed about the Toyota Mark X price in Pakistan for this reason. Here, you can examine all of the details about the Toyota Mark X variant for 2023. Along with the features and specifications, you can see images, customer evaluations, and price information for the Toyota Mark X 2023. Find out the number of seats, horsepower, engine classification, and fuel efficiency.

Toyota Mark X Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons

  • Unique Styling
  • The inside is very nice.
  • You can choose between RWD and AWD.
  • High Maintenance
  • Expensive Spare Parts


Toyota Mark X: Let's Have A Luxury Ride

The 2nd Generation Mark X looks much sleeker and more angular than the 1st Generation Mark X. The chrome grille in the middle of the front fascia has the X logo in the middle. The headlights are sleek and angular, and they point up. The bumper has a wide opening in the shape of a trapezoid, and on either side of that opening are round fog lights. The back of the car takes some design ideas from high-end Lexus models, like the side-swept, aggressively styled taillights that are connected by a chrome bar that runs across the trunk and the dual exhaust tips and lip spoiler. All of these things give the 2nd Generation Mark X a very muscular and sporty look and feel.


Toyota Mark X 2022 Pakistan Price, Variants, Specs - TechX Pakistan | Startups | FinTech | Crypto | EdTech | Reviews

Inside the 2009 Mark X, there are silver-polished metal trim pieces that go with the plastic trim pieces. You can choose between sand beige or black Alcantara for the seats. The car comes with a multifunction steering wheel with media and cruise controls, dual-zone automatic climate control, a touch screen infotainment system with satellite navigation, and a six-speaker stereo system with CD, radio, aux, and USB inputs. On the more expensive models, you can get things like wood grain trim, a millimeter-wave radar system for the cruise control, and a “pre-crash safety system” with brake activation. You can also get plated decorative mats on the front guards and front lower grille area, leather seats, Super UV cut glass and nanoE air ventilation system, a retractable rear sunshade, and fully automatic self-parking.


Toyota Mark X is Only Available In 1 color

  • White


Here are some things about this car:

  • Direction Improvement
  • AM and FM Radio
  • Video Player
  • Superpower Locks for Doors
  • Class-to-class
  • Front Fog Lights
  • Defogger (Rear) (Rear)
  • Steering Adjustment
  • Automatic Transaxle
  • Power window
  • Locks on all doors
  • ABS Brakes


Price PKR 27.3 – 98.4 lacs
Body Type Sedan
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 4770 x 1795 x 1430 mm
Ground Clearance 155 mm
Displacement 2499 – 3456 cc
Transmission Automatic
Horse Power 200 – 318 hp
Torque 243 – 380 Nm
Boot Space 437 L
Kerb Weight 1510 – 1560 KG
Fuel Type Petrol
Mileage 6 – 15 KM/L
Fuel Tank Capacity 70 – 71 L
Seating Capacity 5 – Persons
Top Speed 180 KM/H
Tyre Size 235/45/R18

Fuel Average

People are now looking at the Toyota Mark X average gas mileage because 2.5-liter engines have been put in this car. So between 10 and 11 km on less than one liter.

How Much Gas Can the Toyota Mark X Hold?

The Toyota Mark X can hold 70 Liters of gas in its tank. Also, the company rules say that people can put about 68 liters of gas in their tanks.


The main competitors of Mark X 2nd Generation are Honda Accord, Honda Legend, Audi A4, BMW 3-Series and Mercedes Benz C-Class.

Availability Of Toyota Mark X 2023 Car Parts In Pakistan

It is simple to buy Toyota Mark X 2023 spare parts from Pakistan’s various auto markets. For more information, the data can also be obtained from the Toyota Mark X store in Pakistan.


What is the least expensive used Mark X that can be found in Pakistan?

A used Mark X costs at least PKR 2900000.

What variations exist for the Mark X?

The Toyota Mark X is available in 17 different variations, including the 250 G Four, 250 G L Package, 250 RDS, 250G, 250G F Package, 250G F Package Smart Edition, 250G Four Black Leather Limited, 250G Four Black Limited, and 250G Relax Collection. 300 G S Package, TOM’s version, Black Leather Limited, 250 G S Package, 250 G S Package Relax Selection, 300 G, 300 G Premium.

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