2 Seater Car Price in Pakistan 2023

In Pakistan, people don’t buy many two-seater cars because they are expensive, even though they are very useful. So, today we’re bringing you prices for 2 Seater car in Pakistan in 2023.

Most of the time, sports cars are the only two-seater cars. Also, the price of a two-seater car can be anywhere from 10 lakh rupees to 1 million rupees, depending on the company that makes it. Many well-known car companies are now making two-seater cars because they are becoming popular in the auto industry.

Also, the well-known car brand makes a sophisticated two-seater that goes faster and smoother. This makes the traveler’s off-road experience better. Most people who own two-seater cars are famous people or people in business. They use these cars because they move faster, so the owner can get to their destination faster and not feel like they wasted time. Instead, they are happy and busy doing the task at hand with all of their attention.

On the other hand, it costs less money to keep this car running than the other cars. And you know that it’s a basic need because if you don’t take care of your car properly, it will rust and cause problems while you’re driving. Sometimes a crash is caused by the car not being taken care of properly. Prices for 2 seater car in Pakistan have gone up for 2023.

Two Seater Cars Price in Pakistan 2023

People in Pakistan have only been able to buy two cars up until now. Daihatsu Copen is the name of the third car that people can now buy. A Japanese company just put this car on the market, and it is now for sale in Pakistan. So, you can look below the table to see all of the prices.

Two Seater Cars

Price In Pakistan

Toyota IQ 100X


Daihatsu Copen Robe

PKR 1,975,000

Super Power E-Car

PKR 20.5 lacs


PKR 8,690,199

Toyota C-plus Pod

PKR 2,600,000

Mazda MX 5 Miata

PKR 15,000,000

Mini EV

PKR 10 lac

Honda S660

PKR 2,825,000

Toyota IQ 100X

Toyota Iq 100x  2 seater Car price in pakistan

The whole design of the Toyota IQ 100X car is based on a new and creative way of putting together the frame. All of these things have been put together in the airbags, power steering, power windows, fog lights, and anti-lock braking system. It has always been powered by the twin-cylinder Testastretta, which used to be 821 cm3 but is now 937 cm3. It also has the Testastretta 11° engine, which gives it a maximum power of 113 hp and, most importantly, a 10% increase in torque.

This does add to the fact that the twin-cylinder engine has a steel tube Trellis frame attached to it. With the help of the Safety Pack, the range is set up. It has 3 levels of anti-lock braking, 8 levels of traction control, and 3 riding modes. This car is best for long trips that make you tired. The high-quality fabrics on the seats will never make you feel tired.

Daihatsu Copen Robe

2 seater Car price in pakistan

The Copen Robe of Daihatsu 2023 is a car with a 658cc turbocharged engine that can make 63 hp at 6400 RPM and 92 Nm of torque at 3200 RPM. It can be driven either automatically or by hand. The highest speed ever measured is 140 km/h.

The exterior is very impressive because it has a sporty design, a wide grille, long headlights with daytime running lights, front and back taillights, 15-inch alloy wheels, a retractable roof, and a fiber body.

The interior is very luxurious, with comfortable leather seats, speedometer gauges, power windows, keyless entry, air conditioning, a tachometer, a defogger, GPS, and an entertainment system. The lights inside light up the inside.

There’s an immobilizer, brake fog lights, an anti-lock alarm system, a child lock, a traction control system, and power windows in the back. One of Pakistan’s cheap two-seater cars is the Daihatsu Copen robe.

Super Power E-Car

Super Power E-Car


This car hasn’t been sold in Pakistan yet, so we don’t know how much it will cost. It also has to do with a very high level of fuel efficiency. Because it has so many great features, this car has become the main reason people want to buy it. It’s a lot easier and more comfortable to drive on roads that are rough and bumpy.

You’ll find that it’s a good car to drive right now. It does have suspensions that are an upside-down Kayaba fork with a 43 mm diameter and 170 mm of travel. It is set up so that a Sachs shock absorber with adjustable rebound damping is attached to it. So, 150 mm of wheel travel is given to the rider. It does have a ride height of 850 mm and a dry weight of 181 kg.


BMW Z4 2 seater Car price in pakistan

The loud BMW Z4 is a 2 Seater Car with a body that is good at reducing drag and distributing weight evenly. It is one of the most well-known sports cars made by BMW. The BMW Z4 also comes with different engine sizes, including 2000cc, 2500cc, and 3000cc. It also has an 8-speed Stept ronic transmission, which makes it a very good car to drive.
The BMW Z4 has a beautiful outside. At the same time, 11 predefined ambient lights on the door trims, instrument panel, and center console make the inside of this sports car feel very roomy and comfortable. Also, it has 2 high-quality digital displays with a resolution of 10.25 inches  to make the trip a memorable one.

Toyota C-plus Pod

Toyota C-plus Pod

It is a small, light car that is great for long trips. The Toyota C plus pod is also 98 inches long and 51 inches wide. It weighs 680 kg. Aside from that, this car’s battery-powered fuels are meant to save energy and cut down on pollution.
It saves a lot of money that would have been spent on gas and repairs. Also, it is powered by a 9.1 kW lithium-wool battery and can go 93 miles when fully charged.

Honda S660

Honda S660

One of the best two-seater cars in Pakistan is the Honda S660. It has a 650cc engine that can make up to 64 hp of power. With both automatic and manual transmission, the 6-speed gear gives you the best driving experience. The Honda S660 has a top speed of 87 mph.

The 2 Seater Car has high-tech features like a steering wheel that can be used for more than one thing, daytime running lights, electrically powered mirrors, a moonroof, auto climate control air conditioning, reverse sensors, a navigation system, and cameras that let you see what’s behind you.

Leather seats and a leather steering wheel give the inside a high-end look. The infotainment system lets you connect via LCD, AUX, USB, and Bluetooth.

Airbags, an antilock braking system, an electronic brakeforce distribution system, central locking, and a remote-controlled locking system all make sure that the car is safe.


The engine of this two-seater car is strong enough to make the ride great, even though the cars are small and move quickly on all kinds of roads. The high-quality materials used to make this car’s engine make it easier for its owners to drive off-road. After reading this article, you’ll be able to decide if some two-seater cars are safer than others. Also, this small car gets good gas mileage.

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