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Toyota Tacoma 2023 Price in Pakistan, Features, Specs

Price of Toyota Tacoma 2023 in Pakistan. The Toyota Tacoma outsells the company’s full-size pickup truck in comparison to comparable mid-size trucks such as the Chevrolet Colorado or Ford Ranger. This year marks the eighth anniversary of the third-generation Taco, and while customers have grown to love this best-selling mid-sizer, its basic features are beginning to show signs of age.

Everyone in this day and age must be aware of how important cars are for reducing travel time and making life more convenient. We are providing information about the Toyota Tacoma 2023 Price in Pakistan to all of our users today. The author wishes to provide the reader with the most recent information about the Toyota Tacoma model. Tacoma by Toyota. This car has a gorgeous look and every model has the newest features and details. The Toyota Tacoma might be a wise choice. Numerous amenities and a large selection of choices make the Tacoma appealing to buyers. It’s a strong-looking mid-sized pickup truck, but it’s not the most efficient one in its class. When compared to other cars on the market, it is reasonably priced. The varied characteristics of the various models reveal the price.

While a 278-hp V-6 engine and six-speed manual transmission are optional, a 159-hp inline-four engine and six-speed automated transmission are standard. The Jeep Defender and the Toyota Tacoma are the only pickup trucks that are sold in the United States.

Toyota Tacoma 2023

Toyota Tacoma Price in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the starting price for a used Toyota Tacoma is PKR 16,950,000 To PKR 28,611,00 .Depending on the Tacoma’s mileage, year of production, and general condition, the price varies in Pakistan.

Variants Price

Toyota Tacoma SR

3500 cc, Automatic, Petrol

PKR 16,950,000

Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro

3500 cc, Automatic, Petrol

PKR 28,611,000

Toyota Tacoma 2023 Price in USD

Variant Price
SR $26,700
SR5 $28,490
TRD Sport $33,610
TRD Off-Road $34,890
Limited $39,455
TRD Pro $46,135

Exterior of Toyota Tacoma 2023

Exterior of Toyota Tacoma 2023

This Toyota Tacoma’s external design is stunning and was developed to mirror the newest and most distinctive fashion. Additionally, the entire Toyota Tacoma is loaded with the newest specifications and amenities. Just because the TRD Pro is so good. The car has a sunroof on its front end, which completely transforms the way it looks. In addition, the back hatch and four side doors are present. This indicates that people may enter and exit the car swiftly and effortlessly. Because of its size, the car’s tire is excellent for Pakistani roads and does a terrific job. Additionally, alloy wheels are utilized.

Interior of Toyota Tacoma 2023

Interior of Toyota Tacoma 2023

Toyota Tacoma’s interior can be found here. The Toyota Tacoma is superb and has all the necessary modern amenities. Included is a dashboard with a distinctive design and a range of features and specs. However, an attractive automatic gearbox is installed. It contains amenities for enjoyment like touchscreens, Bluetooth connectivity, USB pods, and a powerful music system with speakers. Additionally, the fine leather used for the seats can be very irritating to passengers.

Available Colors of Toyota Tacoma

Toyota Tacoma is available in a variety of colors on the market. Here are some examples

  • Army Green
  • Barcelona Red
  • Metallic
  • Cement
  • Magnetic Gray Metallic
  • Midnight Dark Metallic
  • Silver Sky Metallic
  • Super White
  • Voodoo Blue

Security feature of the Toyota Tacoma

This car’s safety features are up to date for our contemporary society. Additionally, the car offers the protection one would expect from a car, but it also offers security for the safety of the vast majority of its occupants. The most important safety features employed in this vehicle are listed below.

  • Child Safety Locks
  • Engine check-warning system
  • Checking the pressure of your tires
  • Rear Seat Belts
  • Rear seatbelts
  • Engine Immobilizer
  • Crash sensors
  • Sensors to warn of seat belts
  • Open door sensors
  • Seats which can be adjusted

Parking sensors and reading lights installed in the back are further features of this car. Additionally, this Toyota Tacoma has power locks and child-safety locks installed.

Specifications of Toyota Tacoma

Body Type Pick Up
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 5392 x 1889 x 1793 mm
Ground Clearance 238 mm
Displacement 3500 cc
Transmission Automatic
Horse Power 278 hp
Torque 359 Nm
Boot Space 246 L
Kerb Weight 1884 – 2016 KG
Fuel Type Petrol
Mileage 8 – 10 KM/L
Fuel Tank Capacity 79 L
Seating Capacity 4 – Persons
Top Speed 240 KM/H
Tyre Size 265/70/R16


Wheelbase 127.4 in
Length 212.3 in
Width 75 in
Height 71 in
Curb Weight  4661 lb

The 3.5L V6 engine in the Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro generates 278 horsepower and 265 pounds-feet of torque. Additionally, it has a six-speed automatic transmission and four-wheel drive (4WD). Six-speed refers to the fact that there are six gears in the vehicle. There are also six inline engines.

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Safety features of Toyota Tacoma

This car’s safety features meet today’s standards and needs. Additionally, while the vehicle cannot guarantee 100% of the passengers’ safety, it does so for the majority of them. The following is a summary of some important and crucial safety measures employed in this vehicle.

  • Child safety locks and a warning system for engine checks
  • method for monitoring tyre pressure
  • Back seat belts
  • belts in the back
  • Engine Lockup Device
  • Accident sensors
  • sensors for seatbelt warnings
  • alarms for open doors
  • movable seats

In addition, this car has rear reading lights and parking sensors. Toyota Tacoma also has power lock sensors and child safety locks installed.


Overall Length 5392 mm
Kerb Weight 2540 KG
Overall Width 1910 mm
Boot Space
Overall Height 1793 mm
Seating Capacity 5 persons
Wheel Base 3236 mm
No. of Doors 4 doors
Ground Clearance 239 mm


The Chevrolet Colorado, the Honda Ridgeline, and the Nissan Frontier are the most well-liked rivals that can compete with the Toyota Tacoma in Pakistan. The versions and features of all three are the same and are offered in all three. The cost of the Tacoma is the single thing that sets it apart from the other versions.

Final words

Anyone searching for a dependable and affordable small pickup should consider the Toyota Tacoma. There are three models available, each with unique features. Tacoma has a four-cylinder or V6 engine and is available with both all-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive. Depending on the model you select, the Tacoma’s price ranges from 4,500,000 to 5,700,000 dollars. Toyota Tacoma is a four-wheel-drive SUV ( sports utility vehicle). Moreover, it is a tiny vehicle with all the advantages of huge cars.

This vehicle is the most expensive when compared to other vehicles in its class. All vehicle models are available in Pakistan, and used vehicles are also available for purchase at local corporations. Customers are drawn to this car’s safety features at first glance, since we know that the tax rate in Pakistan is substantially higher due to the final price increase.


Will there be a new Tacoma in 2023?

What has changed for 2023? For the 2023 model year, already-raised Tacoma models are raised even further. Both the Trail Edition and TRD Pro are now half an inch higher in the back and 1.1 and 1.5 inches higher up front, respectively.

How much does a brand new Tacoma cost?

The starting price of the 2023 Tacoma is $26,150. For the past 15 years, the Tacoma has been the best-selling midsize truck on the market. This is for excellent reasons, including the Tacoma’s well-deserved reputation for outstanding quality, high resale value, and a huge selection of engine, cab, and bed options.

Where are 2023 Tacomas made?

San Antonio, Texas, Baja California, and Guanajuato, Mexico are all locations where Tacoma pickup trucks are made.

Does Tacoma have V8?

Tacoma Uses NASCAR V8 For 900-Horsepower.

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