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United Bravo 2023 Price in Pakistan, Images, Reviews & Specs

This blog post is about the most recent United Bravo Price in Pakistan 2023. United is a Chinese company that has had a lot of success with its bikes in Pakistan over the past few years. The United Bravo 2023 was finally released at the end of last year. It has an engine with 800cc and a lot of cool features that are usually only found on Chinese products. The only bike that looks like this is the United Bravo 2023. Used bikes start at PKR 750,000, while new ones start at PKR 1,519,000.

United Bravo 2023

United Bravo 2023 Price in Pakistan

United Motors released their first car in Pakistan, the “United Bravo,” in 2018. Motors is Pakistan’s first homegrown automotive brand, and its first vehicle is the Bravo. So, in this article, we’ll offer you a summary of United Bravo and tell you how much it costs in Pakistan.

United Bravo 2023 796cc, M/T PKR 1,519,000

The United Bravo price in Pakistan is Pkr 1,499 (US$ 105) per one-way ticket excluding taxes and fees. For comparison, the average airfare between Karachi and major American cities such as New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston and Dallas is approximately US$ 439 per one-way ticket excluding taxes and fees according to data from Flight Stats.

United Bravo 2023 Overview

United Auto Industries of Pakistan made the United Bravo, an 800cc hatchback that came out in September 2018. The company makes the second most motorcycles in Pakistan. After Pakistan’s favourite car, the Suzuki Mehran, was taken off the market, United Bravo, a rebranded Dahe 350, was released. It has many of the same features as the Mehran.

United Bravo 2023 Pros & Cons

United Bravo is a Pakistani low-cost carrier that commenced operations in October 2017. The airline has two operating bases – Islamabad and Lahore. United Bravo is headquartered in Islamabad.

Pros & Cons

  • Cheap Price
  • LCD
  • EPS
  • Low Maintenence
  • Power Windows
  • Good Fuel Average
  • Low Build Quality
  • Road Grip is bad
  • Low Power Engine

United Bravo 2023 Interior

United Bravo 2022 Interior

The interior of United Bravo is basic and one-of-a-kind. It has a lot of current features. As an example, an LCD with a rear camera, AC, rear parking sensors, a stunning speed cluster, and an alloy wheel. However, the quality of this vehicle is subpar.

United Bravo 2023 was the first automobile in this market to offer so many facilities to users, such as electric windows and an LCD display. Prior to that, we only had Suzuki Mehran when United Bravo was debuted in late 2018. The interior of United Bravo 2023 is seen below.

United Bravo Exterior

United Bravo Exterior

There are LED daytime running lights on the front of the car that work like running lights. It also comes with LED headlights with BI Beam. These new lights are still in the middle of the front grille and bumper, but the grille and bumper are now much thinner. The taillights are the most important part of the back of the car. It would make it look more and more polished and up-to-date. A new model will show the “Auto Reverse Link Mode System.”

At the time of the contraption, the framework will help the driver drive. When the driver changes gears, the frame connects to the back camera and the side mirrors. It would give up the set so that the driver could see more of what was going on around him or her. You can also get the new model with 16-inch compound wheels with YOKOHAMA tyres. There will be side skirts that are new and up-to-date. It also has new side mirrors that fold up automatically.

United Bravo 2023 Colors

United Bravo 2023 available in 6 different colors which are as follows.

  • Beige
  • Gray
  • Maroon
  • Royal Blue
  • Silver
  • White


  • Power Steering
  • Front Power Windows
  • Cooling system
  • Alloy Wheels
  • Camera in Back

United Bravo 2023 Specifications

There are United Car Dealers all over Pakistan that sell this car. Those who want to buy this car should contact the United car dealer closest to them. These are the most important things about the cars used in Pakistan. In Pakistan, the price of Bravo 2023 has gone up for the new year.

Overall Length 3,350
Overall Width 1,590
Overall Height 1,530
Wheelbase 2,175
Tread (Front Rear) Front/ 1,405   Rear/1,398
Minimum Turning Radius 5.5m
Emission Standard EURO ll
Number of Cylinders In-line-3
Piston Displacement 796 cc
Maximum Output (kw/rpm) 29.5/5,500
Maximum Torque (N.m. rpm) 60.5/3,500

United Bravo Ride & Handling

The United Bravo is a simple car to drive. This vehicle can comfortably accommodate four passengers and has excellent ground clearance. One disadvantage of Bravo is that it vibrates at high rates. It also has some body roll, which makes it unsuitable for highway driving.

United Bravo Engine

The United Bravo Engine was made to be a high-performance engine for business and commercial aviation. Since 2009, the engine has been on the market, and it can now be bought in Pakistan. It is made with cutting-edge technology and parts made in PAKISTAN.
The engine has a fuel efficiency of 19% and makes 950 HP at 6500 RPM. It can run on either gasoline without lead or diesel. The engines have a warranty that lasts for 12 years.

Bravo’s Competitors

In the Pakistani market, United Bravo competes with Prince Pearl, Suzuki Alto, and Suzuki Mehran.

United Bravo competes with the Prince Pearl, a new automobile that shares key features with the Bravo. Pearl offers comparable engine power, mileage, and practically identical interior characteristics, making it a formidable contender for United Bravo. It was also release lately, therefore its resale value is comparable to that of the Bravo.

Suzuki Mehran has been withdrawn in Pakistan, yet it has long been a consumer favourite. United Bravo was introduce as a successor for Mehran and has far more features than Mehran, including power windows, a rear camera, keyless entry, and fog lights.

Suzuki Alto is another formidable rival for United Bravo. Alto outperforms Bravo because to its superior mileage and greater dimensions. It is also in the same pricing bracket as Bravo, making it an even stronger competition.

Final verdict

The United Bravo Price is one of the most affordable luxury cars available in Pakistan. The car has been design with a focus on quality and performance.

The United Bravo Price comes with a range of features that make it an excellent choice for those who are looking for a premium car at an affordable price. The car features air conditioning, power windows, locks, and a stereo system with CD player and auxiliary input. Additionally, the car comes with heating and ventilation systems.

According to some reviews, the United Bravo Price is a reliable vehicle that offers great value for the money. Some reviewers have even praised the car’s performance, stating that it handles well and accelerates quickly. Overall, the United Bravo Price is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a high-quality car at an affordable price.

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