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Honda Electric Cars Pakistan: The New Honda 2023

Honda will be bringing two all-electric cars to the country that is a hybrid of eco and lifestyle. The all-electric Honda has an 80 kWh battery and a 260-mile range. There were many features like water and air filtration, regenerative deceleration, and doors that close gently.

Electric cars are slowly but surely taking over the automotive industry. Honda has been a long-time supporter of this technology, and its latest electric car, the Honda Civic Hybrid, is no exception. The Honda Civic Hybrid is the perfect example of how an electric car can be efficient and affordable. Not only does it have great performance thanks to its engine hybrid setup, but it’s also very affordable.

So why should you consider purchasing an electric car? There are many reasons, but here are three that stand out the most:

  • They’re environmentally friendly – Electric cars don’t produce any emissions, making them some of the greenest vehicles on the road.
  • They’re economical – Compared to gas cars, electric cars are incredibly economical. The average cost of electricity to power an electric car is about $0.10 per mile compared to $3 per gallon for gasoline. That means you could save hundreds of dollars over the lifetime of your vehicle by choosing an electric car.
  • They’re exciting – Electricity gives electric cars a unique feel that few other types of vehicles can match. They’re quiet and smooth, while still providing great driving dynamics.

Honda Electric Cars Pakistan: The New Honda

History of Honda Electric Cars Pakistan

In September 2014, Honda introduced their all-new electric car, the Fit EV. Dubbed as ‘The new Honda’ and made available in both battery and plug-in hybrid variants, the Fit EV marked a radical departure for the Japanese automaker in terms of their electric vehicle offering. Priced at Rs2.99 lakh (ex-showroom), the Fit EV competes against offerings from established players such as Tesla and Hyundai – albeit on a much smaller scale.

Despite its relatively small market share in comparison to larger players such as these two, there is considerable potential for growth for Honda in Pakistan should they continue to develop and offer more competitive electric vehicles priced at an accessible level. Even with stiff competition from established players within the Pakistani market, Honda has made significant inroads by introducing their all-new electric car – making it one of the least expensive option on offer. With rapidly growing demand for alternative fuel vehicles across the world, there is certainly plenty of potential for further growth for Honda’s electric car business in Pakistan.

Specs on a Honda Electric Car

Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular and appealing to consumers. Here’s a look at the Honda Electric Car:

The Honda Electric Car is a new entry into the electric car market. It’s based on the Honda HR-V compact crossover SUV platform, and it offers features that make it an attractive choice for buyers.

Some of the specs of the Honda Electric Car include: a range of up to 145 miles per charge; a top speed of 60 mph; and a charging time of just four hours. The car also comes with a number of safety features, such as rearview camera, airbag deactivation, and traction control. Finally, Honda provides 10 years or 100,000 miles of warranty coverage on its vehicles.

Pros & Cons

  • environmentally friendly
  • efficient and affordable.
  • Honda claims that the all-electric Honda Civic Hybrid can travel up to 380 kilometers on a single charge
  • giving you plenty of range when travelling in urban areas.
  • They are not particularly fast or agile, making them unsuitable for high-speed driving or racing

Honda Electric Cars Pakistan

Honda Electric Cars Price In USA 2023

In 2023, Honda Electric Cars will be available in the United States for a price of $35,000. The Honda Electric Vehicle will have a range of 100 miles and a charging time of just 30 minutes. Previous reports stated that the Honda Electric Vehicle would cost $30,000, but this has since been changed to account for tariffs on imported vehicles.

The Honda Electric Vehicle is part of a large push by Honda to transition away from gas-powered cars and towards electric vehicles. In 2019, they announced they would be investing $2 billion into research and development for electric vehicles. This investment comes on the heels of other major companies making similar announcements, such as Tesla Motors and GM.

Overall, there are several reasons why automakers are moving towards electric cars. For one, it’s environmentally friendly – no gas Needed Eliminates Emissions! – and two, it’s more efficient than gas-powered cars. The average car currently uses around 22 gallons of gasoline per year – that’s enough fuel to drive around the world over 100 times! Compare that to the average electric vehicle which Uses around 1/100th of that amount – about 6 gallons – at 0% fill-up!!!

Honda Electric Cars Price in Pakistan 2023

Electric cars are the future and Honda has already started the trend by unveiling its all-electric, $12,000 Clarity model in 2019. The Clarity is a five-seater sporty sedan that can travel up to 124 mph and offers a driving experience that harkens back to days when driving was more about having fun than worrying about emissions.

The Clarity is just one of the many electric cars available on the market today. There are also luxury plug-in models like the BMW i3 and the Audi e-Tron Sportback. These high-end electric cars cost between $50,000 and $100,000, however they still represent a fraction of the overall car market compared to gas-powered vehicles.

Despite their high price tags, there are good reasons why electric cars are becoming increasingly popular. They’re not only cheaper to operate than petrol or diesel cars, but they also save you money on fuel costs over time since you won’t need to buy replacement batteries. Electric cars also emit zero air pollution which is great for people who live in cities where air quality is an issue.

Ultimately, it remains to be seen whether electric car technology will become mainstream in Pakistan. However, Honda’s foray into this sector with its groundbreaking Clarity model shows that automakers are definitely paying attention to this growing market opportunity.

Honda Electric Cars variants

Overview: Honda is the latest company to enter the electric car market with its all-new model, the Honda Electric Vehicle. The company has announced that it will launch five different variants of the electric vehicle – two sedan models, a sports coupe, a minivan and an SUV.

Honda Electric Cars are powered by a lithium ion battery pack and have a driving range of up to 300 kilometers on a single charge. The Honda Electric Vehicle is also available in four trims – S, SE, SE Plus and Titanium edition.

The Honda Electric vehicles come equipped with modern features such as Apple CarPlay/Android Auto support, remote keyless entry/start, rearview camera and ventilated seats.


Honda has announced that they are bringing their all-electric vehicles to Pakistan, making this country the first in the region to get access to these cars. Honda says that they chose Pakistan because of its strong economy and growing population, and because it is one of the most important countries in terms of oil production. The company also plans on expanding into other areas in Pakistan such as agricultural production and advanced manufacturing. This marks a big change for Honda, as up until now they have been primarily a car manufacturer. If you’re interested in checking out what all-electric Honda vehicles are like, be sure to head over to our guide page where we provide reviews of several models available today.


Electric cars are becoming more popular among consumers and motorists alike. Honda is one of the leading automotive manufacturers who have started selling electric cars. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Honda electric cars

The prices for the Honda Electric Car vary depending on the model and specs. The lowest priced car starts at around PKR 15 million while the most expensive models start at PKR 40 million. All models come with a minimum three-year warranty.

The Honda Electric Cars come with a range of different specs but all share a few common features such as: lithium ion battery, regenerative braking, front-wheel drive and an autonomous driving function for safety purposes. The main difference between each model is in terms of driving range, price and capability.

Honda offers two different driving ranges for their electric cars - 150 km (93 miles) and 350 km (217 miles). The average driver can expect to be able to travel around 150 km on a full charge before needing to refuel, while those seeking more range may be able to get up to 350 km before needing to recharge.

It is recommended that owners recharge their Honda Electric Cars every three days or so, depending on how much they use their car. To recharge, simply plug in

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