Dodge Challenger Price in Pakistan 2023

Dodge Challenger 2023 Price in Pakistan . Cars, in particular, are very popular right now. Cars are now a necessity for everyone, no matter what brand or model they are. People like to drive their cars the way they want to.

But every car is different in its own ways. Dodge is an American car brand that became known as the dodge brothers company. In the year 1914, they started to make cars.

At first, they made trucks and full-size cars for people. Later, they made smaller cars like the Dart, Cornet, and Charger. And up until now, the company has made a lot of great cars, like the challenger roadster and the charger, which have some amazing features.

Also listed below are more details about specs, features, and the Dodge Car Price in Pakistan 2023.

Dodge Challenger 2023 Price in pakistan

Dodge Challenger Price in Pakistan

Dodge Challenger prices in Pakistan vary from PKR 10,327,700 for a new Dodge Challenger to PKR 10,327,700 for a used Dodge Challenger.

Challenger prices in Pakistan differ depending on the model year, mileage, variant, and overall condition of the vehicle.

Variants Price
Dodge Challenger GT


PKR 10,327,700
Dodge Charger SXT


RS. 7,022,400
Dodge Charger SXT Hellcat wide boy


RS. 16,262,400
Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat


RS. 18,502,400
Dodge Durango SRT


Rs. 15,635,200
Dodge Durango Pursuit


Rs. 8,308, 160
Dodge Charger Police


RS. 8,140,400
Dodge Charger scat pack


RS. 10,353, 28
Dodge Durango R T Plus


RS. 11,155,200
Dodge Challenger RT


RS. 8, 243,200


Get behind the wheel of any R/T model to hear and feel the power of a Hemi V-8, either a 5.7-liter with 375 horsepower or a 6.4-liter with 485 horsepower.

We talk about the SRT Hellcat with a supercharger separately. When compared to the Chevy Camaro or Ford Mustang, the Challenger is bigger and not as quick. But the ride is smoother and the seats are more comfortable.

Dodge keeps doing what it always does in 2023 and doesn’t make any big changes to the Challenger line. The latest model of the Dodge Challenger is priced in Pakistan. The only difference between this year’s R/T Scat Pack and last year’s is that it now comes with a deluxe security alarm. Also, this feature is now part of the Convenience Group bundle.

We’d choose the R/T Scat Pack for its 485-hp 6.4-liter V-8. Even though it may sound unbelievable, we would choose the $1595 eight-speed automatic over the base manual because it responds much better. Dodge Challenger Price in Pakistan 2023.

The Plus option improves the interior with soft lighting, faux-suede seat inserts, and much nicer materials on the dashboard and doors.

It also needs the Driver Convenience Group, which adds high-intensity discharge headlights, a rear cross-traffic warning, power mirrors, and blind-spot monitoring.

Pros And Cons Of Dodge Challenger 2023

  • A lot of horse power
  • Unapologetic Muscle Car Design

  • The inside is nice and comfortable.

  • Newer technology

  • Good Reliability

  • It’s Hard to Drive
  • Not Best suited for Beginners

Exterior Of Dodge Challenger 2023

Dodge Challenger 2023 Hamariwheels

We also took the T/A 392 automatic for a spin and were amazed by the way the vent sounded when it started up and when it was under pressure.

Even though we love a manual transmission, the ZF automatic has very quick power-on downshifts and responds very well to changes in the throttle.

The Challenger speeds around edges while ingesting angrily and swaying menacingly, like a bull about to lose control. The Dodge is a real muscle car, despite its size.

On city streets and drag strips, it works better than on two-lane roads and race tracks. Since the range was redesigned in 2015, the models we’ve driven have had a ride that is smooth but a little rough.

Interior Of Dodge Challenger 2023

2023 Dodge Challenger Interior hamariwheels

The Challenger’s interior looks like the inside of an old muscle car. It has a simple layout that was inspired by cars from the 1970s and comfortable furniture.

The Dodge’s interior has a lot more room than those of its pony car rivals, and adults can even sit in the back seat.

Unfortunately, its rubberized parts look more like old vinyl than high-quality plastic, and the view from the back is terrible.

Even though the Challenger’s wide front seats are comfortable for cruising, even the ones with extra support aren’t as close to the driver as those in the Camaro or Mustang.

2023 Dodge Challenger Interior Hamariwheels

The trunk of the Dodge pony car is seven cubic feet bigger than that of the Camaro. Because of this, the Challenger can now hold two more bags than the Camaro.

Every Challenger has the easy-to-use Uconnect infotainment system from Dodge.

The high-tech car comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration as standard features.

Want to get rid of the Led? Jimmy Page’s spine-tingling guitar chords can be heard through one of two optional Alpine audio systems or the top-of-the-line 900-watt, 18-speaker Harman/Kardon system.

Colors Of Dodge Challenger 2023

Challenger comes in five different colors, including “Pitch Black,” “Purple,” “Stinger Yellow,” “Torred,” and “Triple Nickel.”

  • Pitch Black
  • Purple
  • Stinger Yellow
  • Torred
  • Triple Nickle

Features Of Dodge Challenger 2023

All Dodge models have their own features, some of which are new and some of which are the same as other models. The Dodge Challenger is the most well-known car, and it has these features:

  • It can go as fast as 320 KMPH.
  • It can make up to 707 HP at 6000 rpm.
  • The engine of the car has a size of 6162 cc.
  • The car has an automatic torque converter with eight speeds.
  • The car’s gas tank can hold 70 liters of gas.
  • The car’s trunk space is 450 liters.
  • The weight at the curb is 2038 kg.
  • The car’s engine is a 6.2 L HEM SRT V8 that has been pumped up.
  • The official slogan for the car is “Strongest Muscle in America.


Body Type Coupe
Dimensions  5030 x 1930 x 1450 mm
Ground Clearance 130 mm
Displacement 3597 cc
Transmission Automatic
Horse Power 303 hp
Torque 363 Nm
Boot Space 458 L
Kerb Weight 1863 KG
Fuel Type Petrol
Mileage 5 – 6 KM/L
Fuel Tank Capacity 70 L
Seating Capacity 4 – Persons
Top Speed 300 KM/H
Tyre Size 235/55/R19


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