Honda CB 150F 2023 Price in pakistan Specs & Features

We all know Honda, which is one of the best-known motorcycle companies in Pakistan and around the world. Find out how much the Honda CB 150F 2023 costs in Pakistan right here. The company has made a number of bikes so far and updates the model every year to help its customers and stay competitive with other bike brands all over the country. The competition is getting tougher every year, but people in Pakistan still prefer Honda bikes because they are better quality and last longer than bikes from other brands. This article is about 150cc bikes made by this brand that are sold in Pakistan.

It has a strong backup battery that doesn’t need to be maintained, a speedometer that looks like one from a car, and a large tail guard with a dipper and LED fog lights. The Honda CB 150F has Z-Section spoke alloy wheels made of die-cast aluminum and a high-performance Self Start System. The speedometer has an RPM meter, fuel gauge, gear indicator, mileage meter, and eye-catching ambient lighting.

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Honda CB150F 2023 Price in Pakistan

The most recent pricing of this vehicle will be written below, whereas this is the showroom price. Furthermore, several brokers are selling this bike at exorbitant prices. So, before you buy from a broker, go into the shop and purchase the bike at the actual price.

VARIANT Updated On March 2023
Honda CB150F 443,900 PKR
Honda CB150F SE 447,900 PKR

Honda CB150F 2023 Price in USA

Honda CB150F $1441 US Dollar (approximate)


The Honda CB 150F 2023 is powered by a 4 Stroke SOHC Air Cooled 150cc Engine with Balancer. The displacement of the bike is 149.2 cm3, and the bore and stroke specifications are 57.3 x 57.8 mm. It featured a 1311 mm wheelbase and a 168 mm ground clearance. The motorcycle has a 5-speed constant mesh transmission.
The Honda Cb150F’s front suspension is a 107 mm Telescopic Fork, and the rear suspension is a 91 mm Swing Arm. The bike has a 766 mm seat height and a dry weight of 124 kg.

Engine 4 Stroke SOHC  Air Cooled 150cc Engine with Balancer
Displacement 149.2 cm3
Bore & Stroke 57.3 x 57.8 mm
Compression Ratio 9.1:1
Transmission 5 Speed Constant Mesh
Starter Self-Start/Kick Start
Final Drive Roller Chain
Dimension 2051 x 760 x 1085 mm
Seat Height 766 mm
Ground Clearance 168 mm
Petrol Capacity 13.0 Liters (Reserve: 1.4 Liters)
Wheel Base 1311 mm
Tire at Front 80/100 – 18M/C (47P)
Tire at Back 90/90 – 18M/C (51P)
Suspension at Front 107 mm Telescopic Fork
Suspension at Back 91 mm Swing Arm
Dry Weight 124kg

These are all the specs of this bike that is found on the roads these days because it has different and unique specifications, which is why people love it. The Honda CB 150F Price in Pakistan 2023 has raised this year.


  • This bike has the following features:
  • Dipper and LED Fog Lights in the Headlights
  • 150cc SOHC 4 Stroke Engine with Balancer
  • Sporty Fuel Tank with Eye-Catching Graphics
  • Transmission with 5 Gears
  • System of Self-Start
  • Shutter Lock System with Magnet Key
  • Outstanding LED-Powered Tail Light
  • Elegant Fuel Gauge, Gear Indicator, and Trip Meter
  • Front Disk Brake Powerful
  • Die-Casted Alloy Rims in Z Section
  • Viscous Air Filter with Low Maintenance
  • Muffler Exhaust that is both stylish and aerodynamic.
  • This bike has all of these qualities.

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Highlights include

The Honda CB 150F enters the market at a time when consumers in the high-end segment are desperate for it: they want new style, increased safety, higher fuel economy, a more stable drive, and, of course, a confident ride. Not only will the new bike have all of these characteristics, but it will also have many more.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the new motorcycle’s standout features:

Powerful Turbo Engine

The 150cc Turbo Engine produces enough power to provide the user with an exciting and confident ride in any situations. In fact, you can have an exciting ride on it.

5 Gear Transmission

The 5-gear transmission system’s goal is to deliver a more stable driving experience, especially at high speeds. This type of feature may also contribute to mileage. Shifting gears up and down is also quite seamless.

LED Fog Lights

High-quality LED fog lights are available to improve road visibility in adverse weather conditions such as fog and dust storms.

Powerful Battery with No Maintenance

Don’t you believe battery maintenance is a major hassle? However, you will not have to deal with it here. The CB 150F includes a robust maintenance-free backup battery. It has a very lengthy life.

Magnetic Ignition Security

The Neodymium Magnetic Key provides improved ignition protection because the ignition switch will only take the original key. It is a remarkable feature for preventing theft and burglary.

Fantastic Riding Experience

Honda’s new 150cc bike has been designed and engineered to provide an excellent riding experience on both highways and city streets. The major technological achievements contribute to the smooth and outstanding drive. The bike’s comfort characteristics make it more ideal for lengthy excursions.

Colours Of Honda CB150F

Honda CB150F Colours Are Given Below

  • RED
  • Gray
  • Black

Design Of Honda CB150 F

The CB 150F looks clean and up-to-date. The bike has a headlamp with LED fog lights and a dipper on the front. The bike comes with a super neodymium magnet key and a shutter lock system. There are a fuel gauge, a gear indicator, and a trip metre on the speedometer. The bike has an aluminium grab rail with a tail light on the back of it. The gas tank now has new art, and the garnish has a muffler exhaust that is more aerodynamic.

Honda CB 150F Maximum Speed

People want to know the top speed of the Honda CB 150F, which is 140. Furthermore, this is one of the greatest motorcycles since it provides a comfortable ride at full speed. Furthermore, it is more powerful than the Honda 125.

  • 140 KM

Honda CB 150F Fuel Mileage

Most essential discussion since when you buy a new bike, you immediately check the mileage. Those interested in the mileage of this bike should know that it ranges between 38 and 40 kilometres.

  • 38 to 40 KM

Horsepower of the Honda CB 150F

Many individuals considering purchasing a new motorcycle check at the horsepower of this model, which is 17.57 HP. Furthermore, this bike’s maximum torque is 12.66 Nm.

Dimensions of the Honda CB 150F

The dimensions of the Honda CB 150F are as follows.

Dimension 2051 x 760 x 1085 mm
Ground Clearance 168 mm

How to Maintain of CB 150F

Please follow these instructions if you want to maintain your Honda CB 150. Point number one is to always park your motorcycle under a shade to prevent damage to the paint structure. This also prevents gasoline evaporation. When cleaning the bike, parking in a shade helps prevent water stains from emerging on the paint surface.

So now that we’ve discussed washing the bike, let’s move on to point number two, and point number two is about washing your bike properly, so here are some quick tips on how to wash your bike properly. First, let me tell you that the best way to wash it is with your hand. Pressure washing may damage your motorcycle’s folk seals, radiator fins, wheel bearings, bounce arm pivot, or even the electrical connectors.

About Honda Motorcycle 

Do you want to know how much a Honda bike costs in Pakistan? Then you’re where you need to be. On this page, we’ve put together a list of all the Honda Bike models and their prices. You can also see how much any model costs to drive on the road in your area.

In 1955, Honda began making motorcycles. After that, Honda bikes became very popular, and they still are everywhere, including Pakistan. In the United States in 1960, Honda had a big share of the market. After that, it became the main maker of 550,000 motorcycles every year in 1982. Atlas Honda makes more motorcycles than any other company in Pakistan. In 1992, Atlas Honda opened for business.


The Honda CB 150F competes in Pakistan opposite the Suzuki GS150SE, Suzuki GR150, and Benelli 150i.With minor variances, these motorcycles all have comparable attributes. Despite the fact that the Suzuki GS 150SE is a lighter and more manoeuvrable bike, both Suzuki versions are much more expensive than the Honda CB 150F.

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